Which Inu-Yasha character are you?
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Which Inu-Yasha character are you?

Ever wonder what Inu-Yasha character is most like you? Do you adore Kagome, and want to be more like her? Then take this quiz!

Question 1:   You notice someone laughing at your new shirt which you ADORE. You:
kill them. That'll teach 'em!
Ignore them
Threaten them
Ask 'em out

Question 2:   You just reunited with the girl/boy of your dreams. You:
ask them to help you with your latest scheme, or die
I have no loved ones (I think)
act really kind and smile a lot
stare dreamily at them until they run in fear

Question 3:   Your ideal power would be:
the power to use magic, but in return have a black heart
Dog-like powers (claws, fangs....)
to be able to sense evil
to have a wind tunnel in the palm of your hand

Question 4:   Are you a chick/jock magnet?
I am too evil
I'm pretty, but too busy
yeah, duh! Can't keep them off me!

Question 5:   Your last words will be:
sh_t..... it isn't over yet.....
Tell ________ I love them!
Before I die, please give me.... one... last ..... kiss.....

Question 6:   You dream about:
killing your enemies and getting the Shikon shard
becoming a full demon
your secret crush
that chick / guy you met last night.....

Question 7:   Your prized possession is:
my hostages
my sword
my family
my good looks

Question 8:   What category do you fall into?
evil psychos
people to avoid
popular crowd

Question 9:   Your father is:
a demon dog
a monk

Question 10:   You see an beautiful lady crossing the street, about to get hit by a car. You:
Kill them yourself
Ignore it. MAYBE help.
run to save them-risking your own life
only save her if she will let you buy her dinner.

This Quiz has been designed by Lauren.