Who are you in Inuyasha?
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Who are you in Inuyasha?

Ever wondered who you were in Inuyasha? Out of a few people? Well take the quiz anyway! It's nice to know!

Question 1:   First off, what is your favorite color?

Question 2:   Alright, what do you fight with?
My claws or my sword
Bow and arrow
Staff and spells

Question 3:   Who's your favorite character?
Miroku - what a guy!
Inuyasha - so cute...
Kagome - she's cool!
Sango - wonderful
Naraku - he's alright

Question 4:   I see, well if you were to get into a battle, what would you do?
Let's think this through first.
Kill them. That's what you're supposed to do.
I'd fight until someone helped me!
I'd fight of course! And I'll win too!
Let me at 'em!

Question 5:   Interesting...well what lyrics fits you best?
"I'm going under, drowning in you, I'm falling forever, I've got to...break through..."
"I'm hanging by a moment here with you, letting go of all I've held onto..."
"Take me away, take me far away from here, I will run with you..."
"I see the magic all around you...never wanna say what you mean to me..."
"And all of your weight, all you dream, falls on me..."

Question 6:   Of course! Well what about this: Fill in the blank. I am considered __________:

Question 7:   We're halfway there now...
I see.
That's nice.
What the hell?

Question 8:   Someone kidnaps you, now what?
No one can kidnap ME! I have to save the person who's kidnapped!
I might be the kidnapper...
Depends who kidnapped me...
Try to break free!
Scream for someone!

Question 9:   Riiight, what about powers?
Lately, I've needed my magic powers.
I don't have any powers. Just physical power.
I'm all about the spells!
I don't think I'm strong, but supposedly I am.
Who needs 'em?

Question 10:   Wow, only five more questions!
And your point?
I never would've guessed

Question 11:   CHICKENS!
You're scaring me!
I'll kill you.
Excuse me?

Question 12:   Hm...that didn't work right. Anyways, what are you found doing when you're bored?
Oooh, new edition! Look at that body...
Who cares...
Thinking. Why?
I may do my homework, or just hang out.
I'm probably engrossed in a book if possible.

Question 13:   Mmmmk, well what's your favorite food?
I don't eat food!
I like chips
That chicken sounds good.

Question 14:   I see, that's nice too. What's your goal in life?
I want to forget the old times and work into the new ones. I have someone new and want to be with them.
I just want to make the one I love happy. That's all really. Nothing else seems to matter anymore.
I want to forget the pain of my past. I will get my revenge and then move on again.
I will rest in peace after I take Inuyasha to hell.
Well, I'm in love with someone and plan on winning them over after they do what they have to.

Question 15:   Well that's the end then! NOTHING else! Just find out who you are now!
I see.

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