Which Miraculous Will You Get? ​🐞​ Quiz

Have you ever wondered what Miraculous you would play if you were part of the story?
That'd be pretty awesome, huh?

I wondered, and so I made this test! So - would you be Ladybug, Cat, Fox, Bee or Turtle? Take my test and find out right now!

  • 1
    Which of these describes you best?
    Which of these describes you best?
  • 2
    What's your favorite season?
  • 3
    Someone is attacking one of your friends. What do you do?

  • 4
    Which of these colors do you like most?
  • 5
    In which of these ways would most people probably describe you?
  • 6
    Which season of MLB is your favorite?

  • 7
    Hit or miss...
  • 8
    Which animal do you like most out of these?
  • 9
    Which of these quotes do you like best?
  • 10
    Could you imagine having a Miraculous?

Comments (126)


47 days ago
I got the bee mirac so pleased
71 days ago
I got the cat miraculous. I think I'd probably make more cat jokes than Adrien! Plagg would get fed up with me in a day XD
80 days ago
Thanks to these Quizzes I am Hawkmoth with Plagg as a Kwami and the Bee Miraculous... Funny?! No... not really i'm 🍦 confused abt that...
120 days ago
I got the cat miraculous 😁
193 days ago
Funny how life works, huh? It's a cat-tastrify! (I don't know how to spell that, so don't judge me :))
193 days ago
LOL I got cat miraculous. As you can see by my name, I am a HUGE Cat Noir fan. Like, SUPER huge Cat Noir fan. :P
431 days ago
I got alya and trixx
So I have some in common with them and I'm awesome, of course.
493 days ago
I got fox! Yay I actually really love Alya and trixx too! idk why people hate her especially after hack san 🤷🏻‍♀️ Like why she helped ladybug/Marinette a lot and without her they would’ve lost a couple fights
539 days ago
Omg I got Cat Noir!! He's my favorite character. I'm so glad!! I thought I would get a bad character. I'm so happy!! (I'm sorry if I'm bragging)
570 days ago
i am my favorite charotor CHAT NOIR mr shes just a friend and she treats me like trash but i love her anyway
617 days ago
got fox yay!
653 days ago
i got fox miraculous
662 days ago
fox miraculous. welp. my oc’s has the snow fox, soooo-
663 days ago
Got Ladybug I 100% love her!!!
680 days ago
Got the Fox Miraculous lol, my personality actually matches the ox miraculous. So i was a little surprized.
687 days ago
I got fox miraculous OMG!
706 days ago
I got the fox miraculous
711 days ago
I got Ladybug and my bestie got Tried..... BUT SHE LIKES LADYNOIR😂
716 days ago
I got the turtle I did the quiz 2 times and I got the yurts every time
YAAAAAAAAY I love the turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
717 days ago
I got the cat miraculous and i know that me and plagg would deffinetly NOT get along..