Which "My Hero Academia" Character is Your BFF?

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Having trouble choosing which "My Hero Academia" character is your favourite? We've all been there. This is the quiz for you.

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    Out of these five options, which is your favourite colour?
    Out of these five options, which is your favourite colour?

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79 days ago
Yay!!! I got bakugo!! MY Bakubae!😁💖💖
125 days ago
I got bakugo, a lot of people got him too...
idk it's okie :) but heyy instead of reading and doing tests, shouldn't you be doing homework right now??? I know!!! Because I have to do that too actually.... but yea I don't want to as usual :p
220 days ago
I got Bakugo got confused, so changed one or two answers I was unsure of and got Deku they are like the opposite what the heck?!
276 days ago
I got Bakugo, or should i say angry pomeranian. 😂
I can live with having Bakugo as my BBF. Seems like an adventure. 😂
324 days ago
I got deku which is strang because my favorite charactors are the villains and todoroki
354 days ago
I got bakugou BAKUGOU IS MY BESTIE!!:D now you can leave BYE
465 days ago
lol, i got bakugo. thats funny *cries*
471 days ago
590 days ago
At first I got Mineta, which, I have dignity, I wouldn't consider even hanging out with him, let alone be bestfriends with him. So, because of the inaccuracy I went back put all the same answers except I changed one answer. The one about color, from Black to Blue. It gave me Bakugo, i greatly dislike exercising.
I'm not that seriously upset about this, I'm just saying it's inaccurate :')
610 days ago
I got Todoroki. I mean, it's OK I guess. Just glad I didn't get Bakugo!
648 days ago
*Bakugo Katsuki Idk how I got that tbh
648 days ago
I got Bakugo my simp heart is racing lmaoo
695 days ago
Bakugou? He’s my bsf? I mean I’m not disappointed but it doesn’t match
730 days ago
I got deku which isn't really accurate since I would not get along with a hero :/
847 days ago
I got Bakugo. I was not expecting that to be honest.
853 days ago
i got denki i am not surprised
854 days ago
Uhhhh..some how I got Mineta..wat? I am confusion..I thought I would've gotten Kaminari or Kirishima but nope..I got the pervert..I am retaking this quiz
862 days ago
I got Bakugo katsuki #ariesgang
891 days ago
for question 10 it would more have been

what is my hero academia?
893 days ago
I got bakugou how did I not see that coming...