Athernem Professions

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Welcome to the quiz. It seems you're interested in finding a job, but can't choose. Let's see which one fits you the most.
You can act out your pony's personality and what they would say to best select a job.

  • 1
    What is your favorite thing to do while you have free-time?
  • 2
    Has your mother or father taken one of these professions before you?
  • 3
    What is your figure like?

  • 4
    What is your coat/fur like?
  • 5
    What is your personality most like?
  • 6
    What do you prefer to do out of these options?

  • 7
    What is your closest race?
    No wrong answer here, there are multiple same options.
  • 8
    Do you have a preference for being outdoors?
  • 9
    Would you rather run or fight?
  • 10
    You've been given the gift of leader-ship toward your special job, how do you react?

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