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Which Ninjago Ninja are YOU?

Which Ninjago Ninja are YOU?


How much you love Ninjago?


Which Ninjago Ninja Are YOU?


What Ninjago Ninja are you?


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225 days ago
I seriously admire Morro. I love it when people become evil
564 days ago
Can someone please make a test thats "which ninjago charater has a crush on you" please
667 days ago
OMG half jay half nya
826 days ago
I LOVE COLE!!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!
856 days ago
Hey me yes jay is amazing 😉 you can have him I would rather be his BFF than fighting with Nya
856 days ago
My fav is jay but I also like Kai but I have to say Nya is cool too 😕😕 second thoughts I LIKE THEM ALL
873 days ago
Hey Guys!
My fav ninja is Lloyd but my fav character is either Lloyd or Brad
1088 days ago
Lord garmadon has the cutest little face in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!! 😈 I have a HUGE crush on him!!!!
1150 days ago
My favorite is Jay even tho I've only watched, like, three episodes years ago!
1198 days ago
OMG!!! I have a HUGE crush on Cole!!! He is SO CUTE!!!!!
1262 days ago
My favorite is between Jay and Cole! Oh no, now I'm like Nya! Maybe I'll just pick Nya... Lol!!!
1432 days ago
i just hhave a huuuuuuuge crush on jay. hes sooooo cute!!!
1664 days ago
duh ninjago is ociouslgf the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1664 days ago
hello ninjago is the best lloyd is bae :-D
1692 days ago
How are you?
Which are your favorite Ninja?
1731 days ago
Hi, I'm from Germany...and I love Ninjago!