Spooky's Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Personality Quiz
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Spooky's Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Personality Quiz

Well, fellow fans, you asked for this, so here it is: the D&DC Personality Quiz. Take this quiz to discover your inner Hank, Sheila, Eric or (heaven forfend) Venger!

Question 1:One of your friends needs a ride to work, but you've just settled down to watch 'Evil Dead II.' What do you do?
Jump up immediately and head for the car. On the way there, you lend said friend 20 bucks, too. Friends are precious and irreplaceable!
Lend him your care keys after you make him promise to drive responsibly and be back at a reasonable time.
Laugh loudly, open a beer, and say 'Hope you make lots of friends on the bus, kiddo! Haw haw!'
Beat him to pulp with the remote control, return to watching the classic film. Ignore moans from wounded friend; Sam Raimi must not be interrupted.

Question 2:Your little brother has opened up your favorite limited edition mint-condition Star Trek action figure, broken off one leg of the figure, and drawn all over the packaging. What do you do?
Muss his hair and remonstrate him gently. Children are our future, you know.
Scold him sternly and lecture him on responsibility and respect for other people's belongings. Mistakes can be learning tools.
Scream in horror and tear you hair out in chunks. After a prolonged episode of hysterical blindness, drive to the nearest comic book convention and buy four more of the exact same figure, using your brother's college savings.
Smite him with your imitation light saber. Wish that the light saber was real.

Question 3:What type of person are you most attracted to?
Sweet, ingenuous types. Someone to watch Little House on the Prairie with.
Strong, reliable types...you like an arm to lean on.
Self-assured, smooth operators...you like to be wined and dined in style-as long as they don't interrupt you when you're taking about yourself, of course.
Anyone who puts up with you. But then you end up loathing them anyway. People are to be avoided, really.

Question 4: Which television program are you most likely to watch?
I don't watch television, I prefer to spend my spare time doing volunteer work.
ESPN. Period.
Any program that makes other people look foolish..like 'The Osbournes'...or 'Friends.'
Open heart surgery on the Discovery Channel

Question 5:What crime would you most likely to be jailed for? )Not that I'm implying you aren't all law-abiding folks, of course.)
Peaceful resistance protest outside SeaWorld...save Keiko!
Speeding in your custom re-built American-made muscle car. You just couldn't help it...its a GTO!
Drunk and disorderly at the local TGIFridays...that waitress wasn't properly obsequious, so it's all her fault. You're planning to sue.
Trying to take over the Universe. And violating leash laws while walking your pet schnauzer.

Question 6:Do you exercise regularly?
Why yes, I quite enjoy my brisk morning constitutional.
You have a World's Gym membership and coach Little League.
You bought a stairmaster, couldn't put it together, threw out your back trying, am now in physical therapy.
I enjoy smashing things with rocks.

Question 7:You've been invited to a housewarming party..what do you bring?
A homemade casserole, a housewarming gift chosen at Pier One, and a big smile.
A weed-eater. you like to be original but practical..and everyone needs their edging trimmed.
Yourself and a six pack of imported beer..for yourself.
Nothing, and you swipe two unwatched gifts on the way out. Fools.

Question 8:Your aunt has left you a small inheritance...what do you do with it?
Give it all to Daschund Rescue...all those poor weiner dogs need homes!
Go on a vacation in the Australian Outback.
Put all the money in a box and use it to taunt your friends with when they come over. If they come over. And who cares if they don't -- you can buy more friends, dammed.
Try to buy Cuba. When they refuse to sell, sulk.

Question 9:What is your favorite gourmet dish?
Mom's apple pie
Porterhouse steak and a nice brandy.
Naomi Campbell. Or Madonna. Whoever's available.
the Souls of the Unwary

Question 10:What is your totem animal?
Koala Bear
the majestic Elk
I ate my totem animal for lunch.

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