Which Gundam Wing Gundam are you?
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Which Gundam Wing Gundam are you?

Come on, you've always wanted to know. I know you've been asking yourself, 'God, what Gundam am I?' Well, that's why I made this up. It took me a while to make. It's only the five main Gundams. I might add in Eypon, Tallgeese, and others later.

Question 1:Simple: What's your favorite from the choices below?

Question 2:When you fight (with parents, friends, significant others) are you most likely to:
Fight with fervor and just a little bit of traditional anger?
Hide in your room, not letting anyone see you, then burst with anger at the slightest disturbance?
Protect your side, but allow the other to at least express theirs?
Keep going at them, never backing down until you can't fight any longer?
Attack without care for the other person's feelings, determined to win the argument?

Question 3:What would be your ultimate super power?
Super strength
Disappear/Reappear at will

Question 4:Back to fighting. If you've had a fight with your best friend, you will...
Hold it all in. If they know you well enough, they'll pry it out of you!
Demand they step up and tell you what they're trying to say.
Leave them to suffer in their guilt; you have more important things to do.
Watch as they leave in a huff, then almost immediately run after them.
Let them cool down and wait for them to call patiently.

Question 5:Your favorite characters in books are... (or if you don't read books... you're stupid.)
The proud and strict senpai.
The strong, silent, multi-talented guys.
The really *bad* guys. I mean evil!
The reluctant main characters.
The hero!

Question 6:If you, perhaps, a warrior, would you equip yourself with...
Knives, sharp ones?
Unique but versatile weapons?
The most destructive and evil weapon you can get your hands on?
A sword?
Guns, guns, and more guns?

Question 7:If you could create/decorate your car in any way, it would be...
A strong shell to protect it from anything.
Gold with dangerous-looking tires.
Something well-matched for surroundings.
Bulky with incredible maneuverability.
Flashy, and it sheds.

Question 8:When you're back into a corner, you tend to...
give up, after all, you've lost.
use your Trump card, even if it's a little weak and small.
disappear from the situation, hoping help will come (and it always does).
get pissed. Who the hell dares to mess with you!?
fight even harder; you work better at the wrong end of the gun (and other weapons).

Question 9:If the war was over, what would you do with yourself?
I shouldn't even have to think about this.
It would be time to say goodbye.
There would be nothing *to* do.
Scraps anyone?

Question 10:Last but never least, what do you think about the scientists?
Crazy! But they do respectable work.
I don't think about the scientists.
Good taste in paint and weapons.
They're just fine!

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