What Cardcaptor Sakura Character Are You?
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What Cardcaptor Sakura Character Are You?

This is my first personality quiz that I've made, but certainly the millionth I've seen... I hope it works out for you.

Question 1:When you meet someone for the first time, you...
Are polite and try to find out more about them instead of telling them about yourself; you already have good friends that are irreplaceable.
Smile sweetly and tell them your name, hoping to have another great friend in them.
Smile a lot, maybe offer them some food; the best way to have a friend is to be a friend, right?
Don't really stick around or talk much; friends aren't quite your thing.
Smile mysteriously, compliment them; you feel as if you've met before...

Question 2:What do you do when you're around the person you like?
Enjoy your time with them... they're just so... HANYAAAAAN!!
Talk and pal around, as always. Eat food. Sometimes you'll have romantic moments, but love has a strong basis on friendship and that's what's most important.
Don't tell them how you feel -- hint it perhaps, but you'll keep quiet... for now.
Give them flowers. You like them, and they deserve something as beautiful as they are. You may end up stabbing them in the back, but you can flirt for now...
Blush and run away as fast as you can. Maybe you'll get the courage to tell them someday.

Question 3:Your usual method of transportation is...
Running. It's good exercise and it gets you there fast. Besides, the quicker you go, the less the one you like will see of you. You like it better that way.
Roller blades! Whee! Fast and fun is the way to travel.
It doesn't matter. As long as I get to the place I'm going and people ask, "How did you get here?" I don't want anyone to see me on the way there. I must be inconspicuous. They can wait until I arrive.
Walking. You like to look at the scenery while you go, and perhaps you can spend some leisurely time with a good friend on the way there.
Hitch a ride with a friend. Take a bike, maybe! n_n

Question 4:Which of these best describe you?
Quiet and creative; you're musical and artsy.
Cheerful and hungry. You tend to make friends easily and your favorite way to spend time with them is to go out for lunch!
Mysterious. When people see you, it's Deja Vu, but they don't really know the real you.
Serious, with your mind set. Most people think you're generally angry, but they just don't understand the importance of maturity.
Fun and hyper, but sort of clumsy.

Question 5:What is the best thing to do with a friend or the person you like?
You don't have to do much with special people; you just see them around.
Go out to eat! :-) Either that, or just being alone with them.
Whatever seems right at the time. You don't really have to be doing anything because it's just quality time together. You generally enjoy sitting around or discussing current issues with them.
Videotape them, because they are just to kawaii and you need all the memories you can get!
Whatever you enjoy doing together. Variety and fun are important in a friendship.

Question 6:What is your ideal pet?
A talking bear with wings. Yeah, it'll weird you out at first, and maybe eat you out of house and home, but it helps you capture the Clow Cards!
A cat to hold and pet and to help you feel better if you are sad. It is easier to tell something to a compassionate animal than a person sometimes.
A reptile, perhaps. An iguana sounds intriguing. So does a boa constrictor... Or nothing at all. Your siblings are already animals.
Something cute and fuzzy! :D
Something dark and mysterious. Maybe a dog -- a German Shephard, maybe...

Question 7:Your ideal kind of music is...
Happy and upbeat! Something you can dance to.
Your taste of music often changes with your mood, but the lyrics are just as important as the melody.
You don't listen to music much. You have better things to do.
Something fun! As long as it sounds cute and cheerful.
Something strong and powerful. It's got to make an impression.

Question 8:If someone special to you were in trouble, what would you do?
Destroy the source. If the trouble is gone, no one is in danger.
I don't know... I guess whatever comes to mind.
Pull out a magic wand and use your magic to save them!
Let them figure it out themselves. They can identify a dangerous situation.
Cry out in fear and warn them as the danger heads their way. You can't do all that much to save them, but if they're aware of the trouble, they are very capable to saving themselves.

Question 9:Do you believe in magic?
Yup. Black magic is the best kind.
Well, I didn't use to, but something changed my life -- and my mind.
Yes, the magic of love and friendship and the power of a single person's heart.
Magic? That seems a little far-fetched... unless you count the magic of believing in yourself and your friends.
I LIVE magic, okay?

Question 10:Which of these do you say most?
I don't talk much, and there aren't any particular things I say a lot.
Depends... when my voice is girlish and high, or when it is low and evil? I have kind of a split personality...
Hmmm... usually some sort of compliment, said between bites of food.
"Hoe!!!" (or "Phwee?")

Question 11:Are you usually on your guard?
Usually, I guess. But there are things in life that keep me preoccupied sometimes.
Hm? What for? My friends and I protect each other, and that's all we need, even if we're surprised.
I think it's important for others to be on their guard when I'm around...
Yes. All the time. It is important to pay attention and watch closely for danger.
I don't really need to be -- people around me usually tell me if there's something to watch out for.

Question 12:Do you have a lot of friends?
Yes! I love to be in a group of people that I can get along with.
I don't have a lot, but I have one very close friend. Quality is more important than quantity, right?
Only if you count the ones in my head.
No. Friends aren't my thing.
I am usually with one specific friend, or in a small group of friends. There is a certain one I like to spend most of my time with.

Question 13:In a story, you would most likely be...
A side character who is still very interested in the action.
The villain, of course.
The hero who always wins in the end. Good over evil always!
A gallant good-guy who comes in and saves the main character or a damsel in distress.
A comical sidekick or a minor character.

Question 14:If I were to look in your closet, what would I most likely find?
Neatly folded clothes... what did I expect? o_o;
You don't have a closet. If you did, you'd probably store food in it. Always be prepared...
Some trivial victim.
A little yellow bear with wings hiding behind some clothes. It doesn't talk and it doesn't fly, honest!!
That's none of my business!

Question 15:Last but not least, how do you feel about... bubbles?
They're okay... it's fun to pop them.
Bubble baths! Yippee!
They're cute and fun to blow around.
Fun fun! :D
I could care less.

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