Which emotion Escaflowne girl are you?
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Which emotion Escaflowne girl are you?

Tests you reactions to the question, and see which Escaflowne girl (minor/major) that would be like you!

Question 1:You are faced with a great dilemma, somewhat life altering. What do you do?
Ask for someone to do your tarot reading, and see which is the best decision
Mentally torture yourself, for you already realized the solution but you are too afraid to go through with it
Sadly repress your feelings, there's nothing you could other than listen to someone in superior authority. Even if it would destroy your happiness, you were only born to suffer anyways…
I always make decisions, it can't be that bad
Look in your drawers for your rose coloured lenses. Whenever they're on everything seems to turn out for the best ^_^

Question 2:The only person you love doesn't notice you or seems to be in love with someone else. What do you do?
Stalk him/her until he/she realizes that you both are meant for one another >_<
Nothing, the one I love DOES love me back, and everything is right in the world .:sings happily:.
Suck it up. I love him/her but I must realize the inevitable. I must realize that nothing ever can happen between us, and settle with being his/her closest confidant. Hey it's better than nothing! Am I right?? ...thought so
Run off and cry your eyes out, why can't things ever go your way?
Threat the girl/guy he/she loves until you finally think you've pushed them apart!

Question 3:When it's raining outside you are most likely doing:
I'm walking around outside aimlessly, trying to figure out what is going on it my life and what is important. Why is everything so confusing?
I'm indoors!!! MY kind hates the rain! Wait! Isn't that obvious?!!! Just look at my fur
Being caught kissing in the rain with someone else; by someone who you potentially love
Writing in my diary about how many letdowns I have gotten today and mostly my angst of losing the one person I loved
Cursing the rain from inside, rain always makes me depressed!

Question 4:What colour eyes would you want?

Question 5:What are you most likely doing during your idle (free) time?
Looking beyond the skies, wishing I wasn't a princess. Life would be so much simpler...
Filing your nails
Reading someone's fortune
Trying to keep people under control, after all you seem to be the only person with a head above your shoulders
Getting your fortune read

Question 6:What do you enjoy doing?
Sports! Track, cross-country, 100m dash. Anything and everything to do with sports
Staying in my secluded chalet allowing myself to sink into a deeper depression
Chasing after someone I could never have
Trying to win a losing battle.
I don't know, but I'll tell you what I don't enjoy...seeing the only person I love chasing after another girl/guy :(

Question 7:The Great Destiny War is finally over, and you've confessed you love to the person who feels the same. BUT now you have conflicting problems (like do you stay or go home), what do you do?
Let the one I love go ...If it's meant to be then I'll be with them once again
Stay with them, where ever they are it would be so bad ...love is all that matters to me
Leave them only to realize that it was the biggest mistake in your life...but it's too late :(
I already gave up on that kind of relationship. He/she loves someone else NOT me, being friends with him/her is just fine with me
I've never really been in love, so I can't really understand the intensity of emotions that would make me decide on one choice

Question 8:Would you die for the one you love?
Yes, definitely. I mean they would do the same thing for me ...wouldn't they?...exactly
No, I rather live to love them
Sowwie, not my style ... I would probably cure them with my medical intellect
Wadda you talking about??? No one would do that for me, so why should I?
If my love were strong enough, I wouldn't give it another thought and take the damage for my soul mate

Question 9:Your walking down the street one day and see a wounded animal (your choice of animal) what would you do?
Wish you were it. The poor thing is better off then you are
You are it
Comfort it and find a nearby shelter to bring it/ take it home/ or call the shelter and give them the directions of the animal
Heal it!! After all I’m a doctor in training ~_^
Walk away there's nothing you can do

Question 10:Which tarot card do like best?
The Tower (separation, fall, ruin ...insecurity)
The High Priestess (knowledge, change or alternation)
The Fool (search for enlightenment, spirituality)
The Hermit (Wisdom sought for and obtained from above. Divine inspiration)
Wheel of Fortune (karma)

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