Zoids CC/GF Personality Quiz
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Zoids CC/GF Personality Quiz

This is a little quiz to see which Chaotic Century/Guardian Force character you are most like.

Question 1:If someone asks you for a favor would you:
only do it if you get something out of it
happily do it because you have a lot of energy to spend
happily do it because you are just a nice person
be then one asking for the favor
ignore the person and/or get mad at them for bothering you

Question 2:If you and some friends are in trouble and outnumbered, what do you do?
charge right in without thinking
go into battle with an ace up your sleeve
come in at just the right moment, saving everyone
have someone save you
fight will all you've got, knowing you will win

Question 3:If someone is bullying a friend, do you:
defend him because you are loud and like to yell
scare the bully away because you have a scary voice
stick up for him because that's what friends are for
defend him because there shouldn't be any fighting
wouldn't be in this situation because you don't really have any friends

Question 4:You are on a journey. What is your reason for leaving home?
you are a wanderer
you don't have anything that connects you to home
you just love to travel
you are trying to find out who you are
you are looking for adventure

Question 5:Suddenly your best friend hates you. What do you do?
go after him and talk him into liking you again
shrug and figure you will get another friend
worry about him but you don't take any action
are so shocked you don't know what to do
worry and try to help him

Question 6:How do you feel about machines/technology?
act like you don't care but in reality you like it
you would consider your computer your best friend
you hate technology
you can take apart any machine and fix it
you don't really think about it

Question 7:Would you fight for a cause you believe in?
you wouldn't want to but would get dragged into it anyway
you only do things for your own benefit
you won't fight directly, but would still help out
you don't like fighting

Question 8:Which side?
you would do your own thing
whatever side your friend chooses
whatever side you could benefit from
Guylos Empire
Helic Republic

Question 9:What kind of personality do you have?
always have to will to continue
always full of energy
kind-hearted and happy
not afraid to speak your mind
cold on the outside, just trying to hide your feelings

Question 10:What color combination do you like the most?
black/purple - dark colors
black/gray - mellow colors
pink/yellow - happy, bright colors
blue/gray - bold colors
yellow/brown - earthy kind of colors

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