Which JTHM character are you? Huh?
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Which JTHM character are you? Huh?

Which JTHM character are you? Huh? Wanna find out? Then take the test already! Sheesh!

Question 1:What do you like to eat?
Anything but the toasty souls of the damned!!!
Ramen. Why are you looking at me, nose-weasel?
Does it matter, when the world doesn't really exist as you think it does?
I don't eat. I just want to starve and die...

Question 2:Who's your best friend?
A teddy bear that wants you to burn things.
My toes. Why can't I get them off my hands? Meow.
I have no friends and deserve to die.
I have no friends, because when I tell them the truth of reality they'd rather die than understand that death isn't the answer.
A couple psychotic doughboys, a dead bunny, and my knives.

Question 3:Why are you alive?
Not by choice.
Sometimes I don't know.
Cuz my parents had me, but they don't really care anymore...
To kill all who fly with wings of silver!!! Die and eat my lint!
To try and help people by explaining the truth.

Question 4:Would you kill a person?
Is the pope Jewish?
Not intentionally, I just want them to understand...
What? People deserve to die.

Question 5:Do you like cheerleaders?
I will saw off her legs.
Poor creatures, they don't understand anything.
Will she kill me?
They have cooties.
I LOVE cheerleaders. They taste like chicken soup. Hey! Let go of my soul!

Question 6:Are you scared?
Are you scared of the tile grout in the spooky depths of my crotch?
Oh, just kill me and get it over with...
I am scared by the fact that the reality we live in may not be the true reality!!!

Question 7:What kind of clothes do you wear?
I don't wear clothes! They conspire with the underpants gnomes!!!
Normal clothes, silly.
Black, with a magical changing shirt.
Clothes don't matter! They may not exist but only in our poor pathetic minds.
The kind that say, "kill me, please."

Question 8:What's your favorite color?
Something neat.
Plaid. No, no, purple with yellow polka dots!!!
Enough with the questions, just kill me dammit!
What is color but a figment of our demented imaginations?

Question 9:Weapon of choice?
Whatever kills me.
My superior intellect, which will show the true path...
Knives and other sharp things...
Killing's bad.
Behold my almighty licorice whip!!!

Question 10:Would you kill yourself?
No, suicide doesn't solve any of the problems of the universe!
AAAHHH!!! Quit spying on me and my flying leprechaun!!!
No! Squee!!!
Thought about it a few times...

Question 11:What do you do for fun?
Try to die.
Try to help people in my own way...
Feed my walls.
Meditate to the great Mayo!
Talk to my teddy bear.

Question 12:Do you hear voices?
Wait? Who said that? I'll kill you and eat your knees you filthy baboon!
Ummm.... no.....
Just my own, and I wish they would shut up.
I hear the voices of the truth.
No, but I think those 2 doughboys might.

Question 13:How do you feel?
I can't feel my hair! Why are the beans in the tree?
Terrible, there are so many people that need my help...
Like I want to die.
I feel super!
Lonely and unhappy.

Question 14:Who are you?
Zachary the flying red-assed baboon.
I'm a little boy.
A person that wants to die.
The bearer of the truth.
Quite possibly insane.

Question 15:SQUEEEE!!!!!!
Alright, if you're not gonna kill me then I'll just do it myself!
Poor soul, with no idea of what he really is.
I kill you. DIE!
I like lysol. It tastes like the cheese of my ears.

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