Which First Generation Ikaruga Goddess Are you?
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Which First Generation Ikaruga Goddess Are you?

This is a quiz meant to show which First Generation Goddess you are most like. The three Goddesses are Aya: Goddess of Fire, Ayame: Goddess of Water, and Rinoa: Goddess of Wind. Which are you most like?

Question 1:If you were a car, you’d be a:
VW Bug
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mitsubishi 3000 GT

Question 2:Your favorite saying would be:
::Insert several bad words with a few things in between to create a full and comprehendible sentence::

Question 3:Choose your favorite anime from the list below:
Rurouni Kenshin
Cowboy Bebop

Question 4:Pick an animal:

Question 5:When taking pictures your poses would most likely be:
However I feel like at the time
Extreme, they are almost always different

Question 6:What are things you like to do in your spare time?
Play the guitar and video games
Sleep or go out (Not at the same time…of course)
Play video games and read

Question 7:Pick a color:
Rainbow (It's a color, I swear!)

Question 8:Suppose you win the lottery. Which of these items would be among your first purchase?
A house, of course
A very expensive (And fixed up!) brand new car
Every game system ever made

Question 9:What song best describes you?
Basketcase by Greenday
The Middle By Jimmy Eat World
Hurt by NIN

Question 10:If you had wings they would be:
Feathered, one black one white
Dragon Wings
Made of skin, Small and black

Question 11:As a role player your character would most likely be:
The naïve, but very powerful one
The sexy evil one
The kawaii/innocent one

Question 12:Choose one:
Gameboy Advance
Final Fantasy X

This Quiz has been designed by Aya Ikaruga.