Which Yayo Character Are You?
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Which Yayo Character Are You?

Which Yayo character are you? Yayo, Naoko or Megumi? Take this test to find out!

Question 1:What is your favourite food?
All food!
Sweets mainly, but other stuff too!
Healthy food

Question 2:What is your favourite colour?
Purple and red
Bright ones... mainly pink...

Question 3:Your attitude towards school?
Boing! Boing! Time to make trouble!
School is VERY important! I always pay attention in class!
School? Huh? Oh no, I'm late!

Question 4:What do you enjoy doing/ do the most?
Making trouble. Eating. Sleeping. Being cute.
Hanging out with friends. Swimming.
Reading. Studying. Drawing. Being smart :)

Question 5:What is your opinion on fish?
They taste good and are fun to play with.
They are pretty.

Question 6:What are you wearing right now?
School uniform or something very dull and dead looking.
Chirpy cute clothes that Cardcaptor Sakura would be proud of.
Not saying... you'll laugh...

Question 7:If you had an owl what would you call it?
'Mailman' or 'fluffy feather thing with wings'
Snowy or Browni
Uh... whatever Harry Potter calls his...

Question 8:What do you dream about?
Schoolwork. Things that worry me. Secrets no one will ever know...
Food. A trouble making monster who takes over Tokyo.
Yayo. My friends.

Question 9:What do you have nightmares about?
All food being eaten by the evil trouble making monster that takes over Tokyo
My past...
Vampires. Demons. Oogy monster things.

Question 10:What are you most likely to be when your older?
Dead... evil... or possibly in college.
An actress or really really famous.
A champion ice-cream eater...

This Quiz has been designed by Denize Jacques.