What humanoid race are you?
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What humanoid race are you?

Ever think that you're not really human? Maybe you feel more like a gnome, or a halfling perhaps? This test will help you find out.

Question 1:When you walk outside you feel like...
laying in the grass and smelling roses.
digging in the dirt.
smashing or building something.

Question 2:Someone jumps out from an alley and tries to mug you. You...
pull out your sword and stab him in the chest.
smash his head against the wall and walk away.
what are you talking about, I'm the mugger.

Question 3:You're caught out in the rain without an umbrella. What do you do?
Jump into a nearby cave.
Use innate magic to stop the rain.
Fashion a crude umbrella out of sticks and twigs.

Question 4:In school you usually...
pay close attention so you won't miss anything.
plan pranks that you're going to play on friends.

Question 5:Your TV just broke, what do you do?
Scrap it!
Try to fix it yourself.
Sell it to someone at a garage sale and buy a new one.

Question 6:In a tight spot, your family...
is always there for you.
helps out if you ask.
doesn't really care or helps if they want to.

Question 7:Your ideal job (from the list below) is...
Construction Worker

Question 8:Which of these activities appeals to you the most?
Mountain Climbing
Sight seeing

Question 9:You are a...
I'll eat anything

Question 10:Why did you take this test?
Because my friends all did.
Because I really want to know the answer.
Eh, nothin' better to do.

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