Which Rocket Power Gang Member Are You Most Like?
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Which Rocket Power Gang Member Are You Most Like?

Ever wondered if you were an ego-maniac like Otto or a know-it-all like the Squid? Find out now!

Question 1:What is your dream job?
Computer Analyst
Film Director
Periodical Publisher
Pro Skater

Question 2:What was your average grade on your last Report Card?

Question 3:What do you excel in?

Question 4:Who would you most like to meet?
Ocean Shores Gazette Staff
Bill Gates
Steven Spielberg
Eric Koston

Question 5:Follow the crowd or blaze a trail?
I just want friends...
I blaze a trail for everyone else who will follow me and that is everyone!
Blazing a trail makes me think. I don’t like thinking, its gives me a headache!
Blaze a trail of course! Duh!

Question 6:What does 'practice' mean to you?
Practice is just a technicality, I've already won!
Practice makes perfect!
I don’t like to practice too much, I might get hurt!
Sure, but I might get sick of it if I practice too much.

Question 7:When are you most often picked for a team?
I'm picked after Chris, and he has a broken leg!
Second or third
First or second
Picked, I do the picking. I'm captain!

Question 8:Hangout? (when your by yourself)
Computer, my zine is two days late!

Question 9:What class should be added to your school curriculum?
what is this 'cur - ric - u - lum'?
Computer Publishing
Extreme PE! Oh Yeah!
Scientific Reasoning

Question 10:What is your best friend(s) like?
Supportive and Helpful
Crazy and a show-off
He(she)'s working on it!
The light's off and no one's home

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