Which Fairly Oddparents Character Are You Like?
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Which Fairly Oddparents Character Are You Like?

Find out which type of crazy person on this show you're like by taking my (long) quiz!

Question 1:What would you say is your favorite type of animal?
There is a wide variety in the animal kingdom - something fascinating.
Well...I'm not sure. Nothing too abnormal.
Animals are kinda cool all around

Question 2:A friend or whoever has come up with a really harebrained idea that sounds fun, but will probably get you in trouble. What do you do?
I'm probably the one who came up with the stupid idea!
If it's not nerdy, I'll go with it!
I might go with it cause they're my friend, but I'd warn them against it first.
Yay, fun! I'll just worry about getting in trouble later.
I have an idea...let's listen to my great idea instead!

Question 3:Do you have a nervous habit, like when you're caught breaking rules?
I'm perfect at looking innocent and trustworthy.
Grinning like an idiot
Nope...I'm a great liar!
Saying the first thing that comes to mind
Forgetting words, stammering

Question 4:Comedy!
It's cool, but...what about it?
It's my favorite thing to watch!
My life is one!
While it's very funny, many consider it the lowest form of entertainment. I don't dwell on it too much, I'll look stupid.
As long as it's at someone else's expense!

Question 5:What would you say if you got into a fight with you partner or whatever and went on The Dating Game?
Well, you did sort of mess up. But I forgive you!
How'd I get here? I've never dated anybody! But if I did, I'd apologize.
I'd say I'm sorry, and I'm proud to be your _____.
Sorry, I shouldn't have gotten mad.
Buzz off, moron, I've wasted my time!

Question 6:Ideal summer job?
What do my friends do?
I'd get little kids to work for me and take their money!
Hosting a carnival!
Working alongside scientists at the aquarium!
Bat person...as long as I got to actually play some baseball too!

Question 7:What if you were left alone in the house, with nothing to do?
Torture a younger sibling, if I have one.
Work on that report I've always wanted to write and submit it to National Geographic.
The first spontaneous thing that came to my mind.
Throw a party, but only for kids who make me look good! No nerds!
Invite all my friends over and have a party!

Question 8:What are your grades like?
Failing! Completely! I hate school, teacher hates me...
I only get good grades because I try so hard!
You're looking at an A+ student! I never fail!
Let's see...how easily can I hack into the computer system to change my grades?
They're pretty good, I guess.

Question 9:How important is appearance in a person?
Beauty is only skin deep, you know!
There are more important things. Beauty is biology; people can't help if they're ugly.
Well...uh...I guess...appearance is really important! There are lots of perks to it...but still, it seems like the fun and nice people always win in the end...*shrug* Prettiness leaves a better first impression.
Well, it's nice, but there are more important things.
I'll bet you're ugly. You're a loser!

Question 10:Are you respectful toward authority?
Yes. Being respectful makes you respectable!
No! No way! Authority bites! I only pretend to obey!
Only if "authority" isn't being too old-fashioned for the 21st century.
Yes, what answer profile A said.
Mostly because I'm afraid of it. If it's definitely in the wrong, though, I'll disobey!

Question 11:Out of all the insults you receive, what would be the gist of most of them?
There's so much variety I'm not sure!
I'm a teacher's pet
No one who insults me ever remembers it...
I don't get insulted much
I'm an idiot

Question 12:Would you do something at great expense to yourself for a friend?
No way! Inconvenience myself?
You bet ^_^
As long as I'm not killing myself...literally...
I wish I could, but...how big an expense?

Question 13:How many times have you done something and realized there was an easier way or you should have thought more first?
Quite a bit, but I'm learning!
I always think carefully before putting a plan into action.
Me? Uh, I never thought about that...

Question 14:What do you do when the Internet is going slow?
Talk to someone
Try to figure out the technical difficulty
Probably go watch TV and forget the computer was ever on
Leave and come back later. I can't sit at a slow computer all day long!
Hit it with something. Or drop kick it. Either one.

Question 15:Halfway done with this test!
...Do you have a life?
It must've taken you a long time to write it.
FINALLY! It's wasting my time!

Question 16:What do you do when you've got too much time on your hands?
There's always something to do...I might study or fix up my room.
None of your business!
Reapply my makeup, comb my hair, talk on the phone
Read comics, watch TV, play video games, hang out with friends if possible...

Question 17:OK, let's put it this way...what do you do for FUN?
Torture kids!
Read comics, watch TV, play video games, hang out with friends if possible...
Go to the mall and hope no one I know sees me, or that I look good if they do.
Whatever I feel like at the moment, I don't really have a hobby.
Well, I know I'm smart. But playing baseball, going to the arcade, being with friends...those are really fun!

Question 18:If you're a girl, how would you feel if you did "boy stuff," like playing video games? If you're a boy, how would you feel doing "girl stuff," like shopping?
Why do you care?
I'd be embarrassed, but I'm not that obsessed with my appearance.
Video games/shopping might be fun but AAAAAHHHHHHHHH NO MY FRIENDS CAN'T SEE ME!!!!!!
I've never been confronted with that before.
Embarrassed, yes...probably wouldn't do it.

Question 19:OK, there's a really unpopular geeky kid at school who you found out likes you a lot. What do you do?
Get to know that person more
Be careful with them!
Turn that person's face into pizza during lunch.
Be flattered, secretly try to get to know that person, but be obnoxious in public to offset the niceness. Going out with THEM would give me a bad image!
Be nice when I have to, ignore when in public.

Question 20:Video games!
You bet!
Are any of my friends looking?
Do they involve violence?

Question 21:You're babysitting really little kids. What activities do you organize?
Invite my friends over so we can all play with the kids together!
Yell and scream at everything they try to do!
Just...anything! I'm not a great babysitter.
Watching TV
Read to them

Question 22:Do you love to identify with the villain of a story?
Nope! If I'm into it, I'm in it for the light side!
Heck yeah! I probably AM the villain in the story!
Does it matter? The good people almost always win. I'm not into the bad stuff.
Not unless most people do, which means it can't be that bad!

Question 23:How much do you brag?
I certainly try not to!
Only to be funny.
I catch myself sometimes.
I think I'm good enough so it's not really bragging.
It's not bragging at all when you're the best at everything!

Question 24:Pick a word. Or noun. Whatever.
Outer Space!

Question 25:What worries you the most?
I don't know...being a loser and never having a social life, probably.
Losing all my friends
Global warming, the hole in the ozone, etc.
...Hard to say, depends on what trouble I'm in now.
Being too kind.

Question 26:What is your favorite school subject out of these sort-of subjects?
The Bus Ride Home
I Hate School

Question 27:What would you love to tell a stranger on the street to improve his life?
I'm not going to kill you today!
There's a girl playing at the arcade/there's a boy shopping!
"Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left!"
Beauty is only skin deep. Or handsomeness. Somebody notice me!
Will you go out with me?

Question 28:What do you want to be when you grow up?
A fashion designer
A scientist-genius guy!
Never thought of that
A butcher, maybe?
Video game creator, comic book writer

Question 29:OK, finally...what would you do if someone said your favorite anything stinks?
Just ignore them
Immediately switch it
Pretend I didn't hear
Tell them they stink too and ignore them
It's none of their beeswax!

Question 30:It's over!
I hope my friends don't see the results or my answers.
Wow, that must have taken really long!
Hey, it flew by!
...That was thorough.
*Stomps out angrily*

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