What Yu Yu Hakusho character are you most like?
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What Yu Yu Hakusho character are you most like?

If you want to find out which Yu Yu Hakusho character you're most like take the quiz below to find out!

Question 1:Describe your past.
I have always had it my way, the boss if you will.
I was a fox, a spirit fox.
I was hit by a car and now got a cool job!
My parents are both fire and ice apparitions and now I fight along with the human boy.
I was a punk and failed Junior High, then I met Yukina.

Question 2:When danger comes what do you do?
Get ready to fire a spirt gun.
Hide behind my assistants.
Plan my next move before acting.
Act tough.
Draw my trusty sword.

Question 3:Why do you fight?
It's in the job description.
I have to beat Urameshi.
It's the only way a demon can survive.
Fighting? Who needs it?
I always was a fighter.

Question 4:When attacked what do you do first?
Get behind them and cut their head off.
Whatever happens.
Plan my attacks.
Try to defeat them honorably.
Run and hide.

Question 5:What do you fight with?
A Rose
Spirit Sword
Spirit Gun and Shotgun
A Soother's fine.

Question 6:What's the thing most important to you out of battle?
My Mom
Hitting my henchmen

Question 7:Who are you surrounded by?
My Mom.
People trying to kill me.
My friends.
Mindless idiots who mess everything up.
No One.

Question 8:If you were an animal what would it be?
Something Important

Question 9:Who's most important to you?
My Mom
Who needs people?
I'm the important one!

Question 10:When you're facing overwhelming odds what do you do?
Get Blue Ogre to handle it.
Use Dragon of the Darkness Flame.
Think of Yukina.
Think of a way out of it.
Hope you come out the victor.

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