Which Female Zoids Character Are You?
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Which Female Zoids Character Are You?

Zoids fans, find out who you are! From both CC and NC

Question 1:Your favorite food is.....
Donuts, cookies, cupcakes, you get the picture!
Anything that keeps you going
Coffee.....don't forget the salt!
Coffee, no salt please!
No preference

Question 2:At school you....
Are the rebel
Are the social butterfly
Are the teacher's pet
Yawn and daydream, what else is school for?
Are the girl that beats all the guys up

Question 3:Your favorite place to hang out is....
Places that are high up!
The Mall
At a bar
Anywhere, as long as you're with your boyfriend ^__^
Everywhere!! I live to roam!

Question 4:If someone threatens you, you will....
Yell at him angrily
Scream for help
Round up your troops
Accept a battle, then kick their butt!
Spring at him right away. NO ONE MESSES WITH ME!!!

Question 5:Your favorite color is
Who really cares?

Question 6:You just got $10,000! What do you do with it??
Save it
Save half and spend half
Buy some more ammo! Oh, and don't forget that shiny new gun!
Money. Yay. Whoop-de-doo.

Question 7:Your idea of a good time is....
Traveling all over the world
Spicing up a battle
Drinking coffee
Spending time with your friends

Question 8:Your dream Zoid is.....
An Ultrasaurus
A Liger
Gunsniper with a long-range rifle
A Storm Sworder
Loaded with ammo

Question 9:Your lifetime goal is to
Not die of boredom
Find out about your mysterious past
Be the best Zoid pilot in the world....wait, I already am!!!
Earn those green ones!
Win Zoid Battles

Question 10:When given an order you....
Follow it if it's your style
Follow it only if you get paid for it
Depends on who it is
Follow it, but only if it's for the good of your friends

Question 11:In your circle of friends you are the....
Independent one
Fun-loving one
Sarcastic one
Sweet, nice one

Question 12:Your favorite male Zoids CC character is....
Karl Shubaltz

Question 13:Your favorite male NC character is....
Jack Sisco

Question 14:What do you do in a crisis?
Keep your cool and try to solve it
Loose your head
Worry, worry, worry
Stay relatively calm, but yell at anyone who gets in your path
Face if head-on!

Question 15:You think mercenaries are....
There's nothing wrong with them...
Depends on the person
Cool....and some are pretty darn hot!
No preference
Ok if they're on your team

Question 16:During a battle, you...
Attack!! You're too fast for the enemy to hit you, anyways
Look for the best sniping position
Use up all your ammo in one go
Usually don't fight
Prefer to help by telling where the enemy is

Question 17:When people first meet you, what is their first impression of you?
Sweet, kind
Uh, better stay away from HER!!!
Kinda intimidating
Kick-ass, HOT!!!
Hot rebel

Question 18:What kind of movies do you like??
Battle movies
Suspence and Action

Question 19:What do you spend most of your time doing?
*starts singing* I am the transporter of the wasteland.....
Helping keep the peace
Chasing down people who steal my food
Winning Battles
Fighting unsanctioned battles

Question 20:And Finally.... How would people describe you???
Independent, proud and smart
Beautiful, smart and kick-ass
Hot-headed, trigger-happy, and a bit dangerous
Sweet, kind, and naive
Beautiful, and gets bored easily

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