Battle Angel Alita -- Which character are YOU?
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Battle Angel Alita -- Which character are YOU?

This beautiful manga is filled with philosophy, culture, and above all, rich and fascinating characters. Which one is your alter ego?

Question 1:Trouble is coming your way, and it has a gun. What do you do?
Clench my fists and prepare for the white-hot thrill of hand-to-hand combat.
Freak out! Where's my supervisor when I need him?!
Unleash destructive nanobots on it, or hack its mind to drive it mad.
Feel my heart race with pleasure as I go in for the kill.
Learn battle techniques by picking up a katana and then fight.

Question 2:You believe that...
You will learn who you are through battle and hardship.
All things have memories.
Life is only worth what little you can create yourself.
The second law of thermodynamics is a lie.
First impressions are really REALLY important.

Question 3:You're reading a book. What is it most likely to be?
Careers for Perfectionists and Other Meticulous Types -- Blythe Camenson
Shinto: Way of the Gods -- William Aston
Existentialist Philosophy: An Introduction -- L. Nathan Oaklander
The Art of War -- Sun Tzu
Karma 101: What Goes Around Comes Around -- And What You Can Do About It -- Joshua Mack

Question 4:A man corners you in a dark stairwell. You...
Pull out a gun! EEK! Pervert!
Touch his jacket and find out who he is.
Capture him and toy with the workings of his mind.
Beat the crap out of him with my bare hands.
If he's a bounty, I'll whack his head off. Oh, if anyone knew about this...

Question 5:What kind of parent would you be?
I'd protect my kids with all the ferocity I have.
I'd love my kids so much -- breakfast in bed, new toys, goodnight kisses -- you name it, I'd do it.
I'd make my kid's lunches, iron her clothes, make sure she did her homework, and love her very much. I'd want everything to be perfect for my baby.
I'd be very sensitive to my child's needs, and I would make sure he/she grew up to be a caring and generous person.
Kyahaha... a new young mind to toy with? Excellent.

Question 6:What kind of pet appeals to you?
I've always loved birds. They're so beautiful.
A cat that I could cuddle and take care of, especially if she got into fights.
Something human and mutated.
Something neat and cuddly that wouldn't get itself -- or me! -- into any mischief.
Something little, fluffy and cute. ^_^

Question 7:If your best friend were in danger, you would...
Ignore all danger to myself and do whatever necessary to protect her.
I'd have to be strong, no matter the risk! I couldn't just desert a friend if her life were in danger!
Probably be oblivious to the situation. Upon finding out that it's too late, I'd mope around for awhile.
Study the karmic situation and let it resolve itself. Once the situation was over, I would try to reverse my friend's luck with my nanotechnology.
Destroy whatever was threatening him.

Question 8:Have you ever thought about going into medicine?
Me? No! I'd be too afraid of hurting someone. I've got a perfectly good job anyway!
If a doctor should be needed, I would be that doctor.
Yes, I would love to help people that way.
Only experimentally -- in the most experimental sense of the word.
Maybe as an assistant.

Question 9:What career do you feel would suit you best at this moment?
Social worker.

Question 10:What would you do if you were in the military?
I'd be a correspondent, relaying information to various bodies of the military.
I would be in the lab, creating biological agents of warfare. And ooh, would they be nasty.
I would be a front-line medic, helping wounded troops to survive.
I could adapt to anything, really.
I would be the most powerful combat unit that existed.

Question 11:Love is...
a stupid ideal.
blind the first time around.
capable of bringing many people together.
closely linked to loyalty and empathy.
incredibly powerful, able to change a life in an instant.

Question 12:It is best to...
understand bad memories.
learn from bad memories.
cope with bad memories.
forget bad memories.
rewrite bad memories.

Question 13:Do you know who you are?
I don't know.
I think so -- I mean I'll never be quite sure, but I'm just a good citizen, right?...
No -- I seem to be whatever my environment is.
Yes, and it enables me to understand my karma.
I'm still finding out.

Question 14:Where would you rather live?
Up high.
In a secluded, cavernous abode, maybe underground.
In my homeland. Such nostalgia and warmth.
Where everyone can be understood and at peace.
By the sea.

Question 15:What song most describes you?
Imagine -- John Lennon
Every Breath You Take -- The Police
Wonderful -- Everclear
We Are Invincible -- Pat Benetar
Fighter -- Christina Aguilera

Question 16:You see music as...
A way to communicate with many people at once.
A representation of karma.
Something to be proud of when it is accomplished by one you love.
Something lovely.
Something that resembles battle in its rhythm and tempo.

Question 17:Would you rather have the body of a human and the brain of a machine, or the brain of a human and the body of a machine?
"I think, therefore I am" becomes a tricky statement, neh? Such differences make the world go 'round.
I would adapt to whichever were my situation.
My brain?! Are you telling me I don't have my -- my brain??
I need my human brain -- It would be better to have a mechanical body than a mechanical brain, but I'd rather be all-human.
I want my human brain -- I wouldn't always mind being a cyborg.

Question 18:You would break the rules if...
if they needed to be broken in order to make new, better rules.
If? I'm independent. I don't need rules.
if I wouldn't get fired for it!
if it were necessary to save someone good.
if it would make things more interesting.

Question 19:How do you treat your inferiors?
With kindness and love. They are human too.
Sternly. They have to know the truth.
As I wish to be treated.
Their lives are mine -- why shouldn't I have a little fun with them?
As well as I would treat my superiors.

Question 20:Do you believe in hope?
Hope is futile. Karma is where the real power is.
I believe in hope as long as the circumstances are not too dire.
Despite everything, yes, I do.
Yes, with all my heart, I believe that things can always get better if we just persevere a little.
I hope, yes... I hope for a more united world and happiness for all people.

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