What Digimon are you?
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What Digimon are you?

You found out what Pokemon you were in my other test, so you're probably now wondering what Digimon you are. Wonder no more! Just take the test, and you'll find out.

Question 1:First of all, what is your favorite type?

Question 2:And what about your favorite color?

Question 3:How do you pass your time?
I play with my friends..... uhh..... yeah.
Heh heh heh, you don't wanna know.
I watch TV so that I can get my mind off of other matters.
I eat.
It depends on my mood. If I'm feeling hyper, then I play with my friends. If I'm not hyper, then I do something peaceful and quiet.

Question 4:What is your favorite food?
Bannanas. Don't ask.
Ice cream.
Food? I guess I'll eat anything. I'm not a picky eater.

Question 5:Are you a good fighter?
I hate to fight! Fighting is wrong!
I suppose I'm pretty good. I don't often get into fights.
Yeah, but I feel sorry for the person I beat up.
I'm good!!! You wanna piece of me?!?!?!
Yeah, I'm really good, but not quite good enough to beat up the best fighter in the world yet.

Question 6:Are you loyal?
Sometimes I am.
No. That's the last thing I'd be.
I'm not sure.... I guess not. I have too many friends to be loyal to all of them.
It's good to be loyal, but loyalty is one of the few things I lack.
I'm loyal.

Question 7:Are you a loner?
No. Never.
Most of the time I am avoiding others, so yeah, I am.
I am only a loner when my best friend isn't there. I only have one friend. Pretty sad, huh?
I would like to be, but the others just won't leave me alone.

Question 8:What do you like more, Pokemon or Digimon?
I know this may sound strange, but I like Pokemon better for some reason.
I like both, but Digimon is a little bit cooler.
Pokemon are so weak! Digimon are way better!
Digimon, of course. If I didn't like it then I wouldn't be taking this test.

Question 9:If you had a special power, what would you want?
I would like to defy gravity and float in the air.
I don't need special powers, I like myself the way I am.
Cool stuff like floating AND teleportation!!!
I can live my life without special powers, but if I could choose I would want teleportation.

Question 10:Are you mean or nice?
I'm sugar and spice and everything nice.
It depends on my mood.
I'm a bit more on the cold side.
Uhh *goes to ask friend*

Question 11:Do you do good deeds alot?
If somebody is suffering, then I will help. But other than that... *shakes head*
No. I cause problems instead.
I like to stay out of other peoples' affairs.
I've never really had to.
Yeah. Daily.

Question 12:Hero or villain?
I wanna be the hero's side kick!!!
I'd make a good hero.
I'll be the villain.
I'm not fussed.
Get down to reality. It's not like that.

Question 13:Are you happy-go-lucky?
I never thought about it.
Yes! How'd you know?
I used to be, but it has all changed now.
Not really... no.
Yep, and I'm proud of it!

Question 14:Are you funny?
The funniest in the world!!!
Nobody knows.
If I'm in a good mood.
They all laugh at my jokes....

Question 15:There's a cloud in the sky shaped like Misty.
Where? I wanna see it!
That's not a question.
This is a Digimon test, not a Pokemon one.

Question 16:Team Rocket's Underground Pokemon House?
You mean that website...

Question 17:Where would you like to live?
Some place that's cold.
A city with lots of people!
It doesn't matter really.
The country, where the sunsets are beautiful... *sigh*

Question 18:Have you had some bad experiences in the past?
Yep. *shudders*
Uh huh.
I don't recall one that's all that bad....
I think we all have.

Question 19:What color are your eyes?
Why do you ask?
They're kinda yellowish.... OH NO!! I hope I don't have a sickness!!
Red. Don't laugh.
Light blue.

Question 20:I think wolves are fat. Do you?
They're not fat.... it's their fur.
They're fat.
WHAT? How did THAT come up? Was it random?
That's your opinion. I think wolves are cute.

Question 21:Are you smart?
I am sometimes too smart for my own good.
At certain things I am.
Yeah I got straight A's in school.
I guess.

Question 22:What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
Anything comfortable.
Tight clothes.
My everyday clothing.
Fur coats.

Question 23:What do you think is more complicated, Pokemon or Digimon?
I think Digimon is. There are so many different kinds, each with different attacks, it's so hard!
Both. I'll never get it.
Pokemon is more complicated. With Pokemon, you need to catch different kinds and make up strategies, with Digimon, you only have one and all you have to do is teach it the strongest attacks.
Nothing is complicated if you take time to study and learn about it.
Pokemon is more complicated. And that makes it more annoying.

Question 24:There's a cloud in the sky shaped like Misty.
Please.... no more.
Uhh....huh? *scrolls up to see if I said that earlier*
Are you drunk?
I still don't get it.
You already said that earlier.

Question 25:What about the Narrator, the Music Guy, The Visual Effects guy, etc.?
Is that a personal joke or something?
What the heck are you talking about?
I don't understand what you mean.
They help our movie be a grand one. They're very important.

Question 26:Blazemon?
I've been confused ever since you said 'There's a cloud in the sky shaped like Misty', but now this?
Is that a new Digimon that I don't know about?
-_- I hate him.

Question 27:Love... trust... is that really what I lack?
Could you PLEASE make more sense?
-_- Shaddup.
Those are some things that I do lack.
I don't lack those things.

Question 28:Others?
The world wouldn't be the world without all of them.
I'm gonna destroy them all someday.
Pfft. They're so annoying.
They see me for what I am- -not who I am.

Question 29:Have you caught the legendary Mew?
Yes, in a very unusual way...
No, but want to!
What's Mew?
I don't do Pokemon.

Question 30:You're done. Bravo.
Phew. I'm sick of you and your personality quizzes!!
I'm not done yet. I first have to finish this question.
Aww.... that was fun.
Yeah.... and?

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