Which Ranma Fiancée are you?
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Which Ranma Fiancée are you?

Discover which of these 4 Ranma ladies you are! Make sure to answer truthfully.

Question 1:To get your man if you think he might be falling for another lady, you...
Set her and a guy up
Use paralyzing powder and/or sleep powder.
Use a mushroom. It really works!
Hit him with a hammer

Question 2:How would you describe 'the glass'?
Half full
A representation of your beloved
Half empty
Halfway to a point

Question 3:When you go to sleep, you sleep with...
Your grandma
A pet
A thousand posters of your beloved
A big weapon

Question 4:What's your favorite food?
Cookies... for your beloved
Sludge that might attack me at any moment

Question 5:You're attacked suddenly, you...
Find your boyfriend and kick his ass for doing something wrong
Fight with a giant weapon... preferably something with a wide, square edge
Laugh insanely and fight him/her with various weapons
Fight with big hammerlike objects

Question 6:If you were to get a job, it would be...
Martial Arts Instructor
Pizza chef

Question 7:What does your boyfriend call you?
Insane. Completely.

Question 8:What does your brother/sister/other family member call you?
A way to make money

Question 9:Where or HOW do you go to school?
An all boy's school, till I moved.
All Girl's school
High School, of course
Don't. I work at the family business.

Question 10:Your biggest stalker is...
A guy that can't see an inch in front of him without glasses
A guy in fencing
A crossdresser
Me. To my beloved, of course.

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