Which "Finding Nemo Charactor are you most like?
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Which "Finding Nemo Charactor are you most like?

Has this question just been gnawing at your thoughts forever? Then this is the quiz for you!

Question 1:Your favorite song is...
Somewhere beyond the sea
No eating here tonight
Just keep swimming...

Question 2:It's the first day of school!!!
Um... I'm an adult, I don't go to school anymore...
Before we go you gotta brush, go out and back in 3 times, wait to cross the reef...

Question 3:What's the first thing you think when you see a diver?
Evil.... EVIL!!!!!!!!!
Oh, shoot!!!!!
Hey, I've seen one of those before!

Question 4:You are...
A daddy's boy/girl
extremely forgetful

Question 5:Fish are friends, not food.
Cool! I've never eaten a fish!!
Good to know.
*shivers* please, please, don't eat me....

Question 6:What's your favorite type of fish?
Clown fish
Regal Blue Tangs
I like all fish

I'll touch the boat if I darn please!
Um.. that's not a question...

Question 8:Have you ever eaten a fish?
Uh, NO! DUH!
Eat fish? eww...
What was the question again?

Question 9:Where are we going?
To find Nemo
To Darla's house... EVIL!!!!
P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

Question 10:People think you're...
a lot of fun
Very sweet

Question 11:Who are we looking for?
Um... No one! Everyone's looking for me!

Question 12:Any last words?
Handicapped people are just as good as everyone else!!
Are you implying that I'm going to die????
Can I help you?

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