Rurouni Kenshin
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Rurouni Kenshin

Find out which Rurouni Kenshin character you are. Simple as that.

Question 1:Do you love someone?
I don't care what others say, my feelings for my lover will never change!
Yes, but I am not worthy.
Of course.
That's gross.
No one is right for me.

Question 2:What is your favorite color?

Question 3:Do you have lots of relatives?
I killed them all.
Yes, I'm always with them.
What do you mean by lots?
Most of them I don't even know.
They were all killed.

Question 4:If people were trying to take over the world, what would you do?
I'd tag along for a while and kick some serious ass.
Why worry about THAT?
I'd stop them no matter what.
Only for the action!
I wouldn't get involved.

Question 5:What is your favorite element?

Question 6:What do you do with free time?
Take a walk, I guess.
Try to spend a little time with my loved one.
Try to get stronger!

Question 7:If you were to make your very own movie, what would it be about?
Violence and gambling!
About the world's best samurai!
It would just be a bunch of commercials.
Something dramatic.

Question 8:And what would it be called?
A Dangerous Journey
The Game
Expect the Unexpected
Within the Heart

Question 9:What do you want for Christmas?
A kiss
Just another day to be with my family.
A blanket
Well, maybe....PRESENTS!!!
I want some loaded dice!

Question 10:Do you have any enemies?
Everyone but my friends....
Only a few.
Oh yeah!
Average amount
Why would I?

Question 11:Good or Evil?
What are we talking about?
Somewhere in between there.
I choose good.
Depends on my mood.
Evil.....heh heh heh...

Question 12:What would you do to a burglar breaking into your home?
Give him what he deserves.....a big ass whoop!
Teach him a lesson about what's right and what's wrong.
Protect myself
Hide in the corner.
Make him sorry for breaking in.

Question 13:What do you think is the most evil thing?
Being covered in bandges.
Killing others

Question 14:Do hate the truth?
I hate it but I can accept it.
I kind of like it....
It usually hurts.
I don't care about that!
Yeah, because the truth is....farts stink!!

Question 15:What do you do to set the mood?
I'd skip that and go straight for the sex.
Being in a house all alone.
I try to ignore it....
Romantic music
Fart out loud and say: "It was just a bear shitting in the woods!"

Question 16:If you were captured, how would you try to escape?
I'd spit in their faces and run.
I'd call for help.
I wouldn't be captured in the first place.
Just.....get away somehow.
Try to escape without harming anyone.

Question 17:If you had the power to control the world, would you want to?
Maybe I'd borrow it for a while.
Um, DUH I want the world!
Why do I need to control the world if I have enough happiness without controlling it?
No, I don't need to control the world.
All hail to me!

Question 18:Do others think you look innocent?
I'm as innocent looking as a kitten! Don't look at me that way!
Pizza looks more innocent than me!
I know I'm innocent! No matter how I look!
Innocent is boring!

Question 19:Are you a determined person?
I guess I am.
It depends on the situation.
What do YOU think?! Of course!
About as determined as a toilet flushing toilet paper.

Question 20:What do you collect?
Nothing really.
I collect what any idiot would want!
I collect clothes!
Collecting...? What's there to say?

Question 21:How would you raise your child?
I'm too young to think about that. NEXT QUESTION!!
Not spoiling them, but not being cruel either.
I'd teach him to kick ass.
Like any parent would.
With hugs and kisses!

Question 22:There's a cloud in the sky shaped like Misty.
Why would I waste my time looking at the clouds? I have better things to do!
-_- There is NOT.
Is that a bad thing or a good thing?

Question 23:What are your inner feelings?
I don't know. Now let's change the subject!
I don't even pay attention.
I would rather not talk about it.
Stuff that I keep to myself.

Question 24:Are you strong?
Stronger than you!
You will have to find out when you fight me.
No, not really.
I suppose I am.
Strong enough. I'd like to be stronger, though.

Question 25:Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?
No, I don't worry about that sort of stuff.
Yes, it feels that way a lot.
Every damn day.
I don't have that teenage angst kind of crap.
Sometimes.....I don't know why.

Question 26:Do you have a favorite animal?
I like stuff like foxes.
I like most animals....I don't have a favorite!
Yeah, I like anything big and strong like bears.
Maybe a lion or a tiger.....or a panther, leopard, cheetah.....some kind of cat.
I love the cute little birdys.

Question 27:When you are fighting what is most important?
Speed wins battles.
Just don't let the other guy get a chance to attack and you'll win. I like to be offensive!
I don't fight, so I wouldn't know.
I just hit the guy real hard and usually win that way.
Oh, I don't know. It depends on who I'm fighting.

Question 28:If you had a choice, fight or flight, what would you choose?
Run. Hey, a wise man that runs away lives to see another day!
It depends on the person picking a fight with me.
Just beat the guy up and then run.
I'd run away. Then no one will get hurt.
Run! That's always the best way!

Question 29:Do you love your pets?
I love my pets!
I don't have pets....but I'd like to have one.
They're just there. I don't really care about them.
My pets all ran away from me.

Question 30:Are you loyal?
I'm not strong enough to be loyal.
Only to those who are worthy.
Yes I'm loyal.
Yep. Stay out of my friend's way! Stay out of my way, actually!

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