The Lupin the Third Personality test!
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The Lupin the Third Personality test!

Who are you? Fujiko Mine, Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa, or Lupin the Third?

Question 1:You are more...

Question 2:Your favorite colour is...
Either a soft yellow or blue
Black. Just black.
A light purple or grey
Anything worth wearing

Question 3:Your favorite weapon is...
Your mind
Your gun
Your sword
Your cleverness

Question 4:When some one tells you not to touch something, you...
Just leave it alone hoping some one else will get to it
Keep an eye on the object
Do what you're told and not another word said
Swipe it five seconds after they leave the room and make a quick getaway

Question 5:Your favorite pasttime is..
Basking in the sun on the beach
Being told your calculations were correct after they were ignored
Saving everyone in a sticky situation
Stealing stuff and being chased down by the police or someone similar

Question 6:You spend your days..
All alone just looking for a new thing to do
Sitting around sipping coke or something similar
Practicing your self defense moves
Looking for trouble

Question 7:Your giggle sounds like..

Question 8:Your worst enemy is...
Anyone who tries to tie you down
Anyone a bit more clever than you
Inspector Zenigata!

Question 9:If you could have a cool nickname, it would be...
"Little Miss KIA"
"Sharp Shooter"
"Blade of Fire"
"King of Disguise"

Question 10:Last of all... you are charmed mostly by..
Other's pain
Talent and Strategy

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