The Griffin Children Quiz!
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The Griffin Children Quiz!

From the cartoon family GUY, Peter and Lois Have three children including Brian the dog. Who are you?

Question 1:You are more...
Satanically Evil... no, deliciously evil!!!!!
Um... does smart count?
Gnarly! I found a corn dog in the couch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What now?
More of a human than anyone else in this family!

Question 2:What would you do if you found a corn dog UNDER the couch?
Throw it at Lois
Retch!!! EEW that is soooo gross!
Eat it... what else would I do with it?
Ask Lois to come get it...

Question 3:I ______ the neighbours
hate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't care about
Spy on
are careful around

Question 4:Your pet peeve is..
All innocence!! EVIL WILL PREVAIL!
Chris.. ew I can't stand him!
Meg... ewwww I can't stand that girl!
Being treated like a dog... I'm not, I tell you!

Question 5:What would you do if your dog went on the floor... AGAIN?
Laugh at him!!
Walk away disgusted
Um.... is that my lemonade on the floor? DUDE!

Question 6:Stuey is...
Deliciously evil!!!!! *laughs eeeeeeeeevillllllllly!*
Rather Violent
O.o what's a Stuey?
A pain in the neck... and the worst rival ever! *glares*

Question 7:If you were to be any animal, what would it be?
The devil himself.
Probably a cat or a hamster...something cute
A lizard! Like the one I threw in the microwave yesterday!
A dog... DUH!

Question 8:Knives are for...
Um... cutting meat?
Scraping gum off the desk! MMM yummy!
Um.... Chopping stuff, I guess...

Question 9:What's your favorite food?
Human flesh *laughs evilly*
Cake and Ice Cream
The gum I scraped off the desk
A cocktail!

Question 10:Last of all... your favorite pasttime would be ...
Ripping little dolls apart!
Reading "Gone With the Wind"
Scraping gum off the desk

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