Which Degrassi Character are YOU???
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Which Degrassi Character are YOU???

There are only 5 choices, but ehh.. I might make another one later, with more choices. So nyah. Take this quiz!! It is interesting...

Question 1:What song matches you the most?
"In My Room" by Utada Hikaru
"Haunted" by Evanescence
"Straight Out Of Line" by Godsmack
"I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves"
"Miss Independent" by Kelly Clarkson

Question 2:What are you known as at school?

Question 3:Have you ever been in love?
I found someone online.
Yeah, but they were older than me...
Yes, but it turned out horribly.
Yes, but he/she turned out to be gay.
Kind of.. we have the same interests, but my older sibling disagrees about it...

Question 4:What is your specialty?

Question 5:What is your best friend like?
Nice, caring, gentle...
Hyper, energetic, and totally in love.
They have multiple personalities... I guess it's just confusion about themselves.
Smart and computer-geeky.
Popular, just like me!

Question 6:You're invited to a party, and your psyched to go. What do you do to prepare?
Find something in my closet, and hope for the best.
Get new piercing and makeup.
Go on a major shopping spree.
Pack up the latest gaming systems to play.
Find your favorite shirt and take your sketchbook.

Question 7:What do you wear to school on a regular basis?
A shirt and a little flannel shirt to go over that one...
Nothing too flashy... just a simple outfit with sandals.
A t-shirt and shorts... maybe American Eagle?
A shirt that I made myself.. well, not really MADE them myself, but I made the images on them.

Question 8:Have you ever been tempted to do something you didn't want to do?
Yes... *cry*
"Are those real?"
Not really...
No... I'm adventurous.
It wasn't that bad, but yeah... I guess.

Question 9:What television show describes you?
Tech Live.
Anime Unleashed.
So Weird.

Question 10:What are your outlooks on anime?
I love it!!!
No one would ever suspect someone like me liking it...
I've heard of it, but I've never really gotten into it.

Question 11:What is your boyfriend/girlfriend like?
Ugh... don't remind me.
Soooo annoying. It's like I'm being smothered!!
He/she had a bad-boy/girl side.
He/she's not sure about him/herself...
He/she's awesome!! I love him/her to death!!!!!

Question 12:What kind of video games do you play?
Any kind of game!
Arcade games.
Online games.

Question 13:Are you a big pervert?
No, I'm a good girl/boy.
It depends... hehe.
Not really.

Question 14:Do you cheat?
Do you mean on guys/girls? Well....
No way! I'm smart enough as it is... I don't need to cheat.
Not unless I REALLY need to.
No, but I know too many people that do...
Um... yeah. Kinda. I helped my friend cheat, though.

Question 15:What would your ideal instant messaging screen name be?

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