Which HamsterDance hamster are you?
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Which HamsterDance hamster are you?

Ever wondered which of those cute little hamsters you are? Well now you can find out if you're Hampton, Dixie, Fuzzy or Hado.

Question 1:   What clothes do you like to wear?
Anything fancy. Tuxedo, bowtie...
Country style! I just love the country.
I think I like pink dresses. Wait, make that blue miniskirts. Oh I don't know.
Casual stuff.

Question 2:   What best describes you?
A natural leader.
A teenie bit tomboyish.
The feedback guy.

Question 3:   Where would you most likely meet your dream date?
At the beach.
At the backroom of a nightclub.
At a dance.
At a party.

Question 4:   If you saw your dream date, what would you say?
Let's say hello to each other in the back seat of your car!
Hi. My name's...
How about we meet up again sometime?
Yo babe. Where have you been all my life?

Question 5:   What city do you relate to most?
Las Vegas ;-D
Somewhere out in the Wild West.

Question 6:   What would be your trademark item?
Cowgirl hat.
I don't really know...
My bowtie.

Question 7:   What is your favourite colour out of these?

Question 8:   Which one of these would be your sign?

Question 9:   Which one of these songs sounds most appealing to you?
Hamsters get the Blues.
The HamsterDance Song.
Dance to the Music.
Even Hamsters Fall in Love.

Question 10:   What do you think about your friends?
They're three of a kind.
I only have one close friend but I get along with other people.
The best in the whole universe!
Friends? Hah, who needs'em.

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