Which D-Tent guy are you?
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Which D-Tent guy are you?

Are you Caveman, Zero, Magnet, Armpit, Zig Zag, Squid, X-Ray, or Twitch?

Question 1:   How do you act around new people?
Willing to make new friends and talking to people.
Shy and quiet by yourself.
Loud, annoying, and trying to be the center of attention.

Question 2:   Your friends would describe you as...
A leader
A follower
A bully

Question 3:   If you couldn't read you would...
Forget about it.
Try to teach yourself.
Ask a friend to help.

Question 4:   If your BEST FRIEND was missing you would...
Shout and hope he/she can hear you.
Go get help.
Go look for him.

Question 5:   If you stole some part of someone's meal you would...
The Banana Jell-O
Green Beans
Take the bread.

Question 6:   If you had a mild illness you would have...
Acute paranoia

Question 7:   Your Tent-Mates say you can't sleep in tent because...
You smell really bad.
They are mad at you.
Not enough room.

Question 8:   You were caught by stealing something, you stole...
Pair of shoes
A pig
A puppy

Question 9:   You were caught joy riding. Riding what?
Roller Coaster

Question 10:   What camp does D-Tent belong to?
Camp Holes
Camp Camp
Camp Green Lake

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