Which Peanuts character are you?
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Which Peanuts character are you?

Have you ever wondered which Peanuts character you are? Are you a loser, like Charlie Brown, a Beethoven freak, like Schroeder, a sarcastic mutt, like Snoopy, a blanket-lover, like Linus, or loud and bossy, like you-know-who? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:   If you were stranded on a desert island with Lucy, which of these items would you want with you the most?
A kite with string
Nothing. Why would I?
Your toy piano
Your blankie

Question 2:   It's Christmas. What do you wish for?
Joy to the world
A bunch of cool CDs
A new toy
Sheet music
A motorcycle

Question 3:   You have a huge test tomorrow in 24 hours. What do you do?
Don't study, then ace it the next day
Listen to Mozart for inspiration
Study all night for it
Go over to a friend's house
Study hard, lie awake all night worrying about it

Question 4:   You're in love with someone who doesn't even know you exist. What do you do?
Put a bag over my head every time they walk by
Recite poems of love and adoration to them
Kiss them the first chance you get
Ignore them
Bug them until they finally notice you

Question 5:   Your new toy gets stepped on and breaks in two pieces; what do you do?
"I can't stand it, I just can't stand it." then walk away dejectedly
Scream at them, hit them, punch them, chase them around the playground...
Forgive them
Yell "Arrgh!" and run to your piano
Pick a fight with the person who stepped on it

Question 6:   The big baseball game is today! What position do you play?
The mascot
The catcher
An inattentive infielder
An outfielder
The pitcher

Question 7:   You're really bored. What do you do?
Kiss someone
Go to Lucy's for advice
Scream until someone pays attention to you
Read a book
Play the piano

Question 8:   Charlie Brown is getting picked on...again. What do you do?
Join in
Cry and walk away
Step in saying, "Sticks and stones..."
Growl at the bullies

Question 9:   What is your favorite color?

Question 10:   Someone pays you a compliment. What do you say?
I know I'm beautiful, wonderful, and fascinating. I'm surprised you're the only one who's noticed today!
Give them a kiss
What did you say? I wasn't listening to what you were talking about.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Wow! I never got a compliment before!

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