Who are you?
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Who are you?

Are you Kaelen? Silver? Nirro? Twoey? Or even... Mikey? Find out! (Note: This is an original idea that branches off of Nintendo's Poke'mon.)

Question 1:   A friend of yours just got a new pocketknife. You say,
"Alright! Can I see it?"
"Aaahhh! HELP!"
"Put it away."
"Oh, joy, another knife..."

Question 2:   You see a weak Spinarak. You,
Battle it.
Kill it.
Eek! Spider!
Try to catch it.

Question 3:   You just caught the freakiest Poke'mon in existence. You,
Try to make friends.
I AM the freakiest Poke'mon in existence...
Use it to destroy the people that you hate.
Oh, crap. I'm SUCH an idiot!
Annoy it to the point of it wanting to kill you.

Question 4:   If you were a Poke'mon, you would be,
Go away...

Question 5:   Your favorite kinds of Poke'mon are...
Dark, Water.
Do I have to blow this thing up or what?
Dragons! They're awesome!
Ghost, Dark.
*Shrug* They're all cool.

Question 6:   If you were to describe yourself you would be,
For the last time... GO AWAY!

Question 7:   How many people are there that you'd like to drop dead?
Just about everyone in my school.
Drop dead? That's mean!
There's a whole organization of them...
Anyone that gets on my nerves.
Only 2 or 3.

Question 8:   You want to be...
Left alone.
The best trainer in the world!
Well known.
Strong and unbeatable.

Question 9:   Your favorite Poke'mon is...
Why are you asking me these pointless questions?
Something big and strong!
I don't play favorites...

Question 10:   Okay! Final question! How do you feel to have completed this test?
I'm not sure...
I will blow this thing up VERY soon...
Great. Now I can get back to training.
Already? Awww...

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