Which character from Shrek 2 are you most like?
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Which character from Shrek 2 are you most like?

Are you Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Puss In Boots, or the evil Fairy Godmother?

Question 1:   Who's your favorite character?
Puss In Boots
The Evil Fairy Godmother

Question 2:   What's your favorite color?
Black or gray
Pink, purples, and blues

Question 3:   What do you like to eat?
Sweets: Candies, Ice cream, soda...
expensive Italian food
fast food
Cat nip
fruits and vegies

Question 4:   Where do you live?
You travel from place to place
Wherever family is
In a "Castle" far far away
Next to a swamp
Wherever your friends live

Question 5:   What's your favorite Holiday?
What's a Holiday?
Demonic sacrifices
Christmas! Presents! Presents! Presents!
New years day: A new beginning

Question 6:   What's your favorite kind of music?
Beautiful instrumental, melodious music
The Blues
Annoying Country/ oldies
Pop: Britany Spears, Christina Aguilara....

Question 7:   What do you do in your free time?
Cough up hairballs
Push little kids off tire swings into the mud
Play sports
Hunt or play video games

Question 8:   What do you want for Christmas?
To be someone else
I'd rather give than get
Some new pearls earrings
A new sword. Enguard!
My two front teeth, my two front teeth, all I want for......

Question 9:   What do you normally wear?
feathered hat and high boots
pretty pink skirts that show off your sexy legs
Baggy stuff that hasn't been washed in days
Comfy clothes that make you feel happy all day long
Long. flowing Gowns

Question 10:   What pet do you want most?
A feminine pussy cat
Something I can hunt, catch, and eat
A tiger or any other tough animal
A little white puppy

Question 11:   What's your favorite movie?
A Walk To Remember
Barbie And Ken
Pirates of the Caribbean
Shrek 2

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