Are You A True Fujoshi/Fudanshi?

Are you a true Fujoshi/Fudanshi? Do you think you were born to ship Yaoi? Are you more spoiled than the average prince or princess? Here's a test you can take to find out! There are 20 questions in all. Answer truthfully and find out if you have earned the right to call yourself a true Fujoshi or Fudanshi!

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    What does BL stand for?
    What does BL stand for?

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10 days ago
thank god im not a 🐤 fujoshi/fudanshi, i would have ended it all 😐
12 days ago
I love reading yaoi manga, webtoon,s, and love watch yaoi anime/k-drama. And I love shipping anime characters that I think really should end up together it's nothing really bad and I do understand other people that think differently because some people do take it too far. But furthermore, I love that I'm fujoshi.
21 days ago
glad i’m not a gross fudanshi‼️ #boyboss
26 days ago
Yep, that verifies it, I'm one of 'em.
28 days ago
ohhh myyyyy goooddddddd
33 days ago
This made me sure that I’m going hell….even though not even a single knows about it except for my best friendo
34 days ago
It's very good to see that I ship in many anime you k'now😏😌
85 days ago
Umm, anyone know a neutral term for fujoshi/fudanshi, a friend of mine is gender neutral and next, I thinks all you fujoshis might be questioning your gender. It's not feminism if "fujoshis" read yaoi, it is just rejecting gender.
89 days ago
I'm probably the type of Fujodanshi that only ships if it's reasonable and stuff and yk that type who doesn't ship everybody. I also find it weird from our community to ship two real straight people, overall i don't really think its good for someone to know i like BL because of the stereotype we receive, we're not all fetishizers, just somebody who happens to find, any remance genre wholesome, after all most of us are probably hopeless romantics.
97 days ago
And next, @ushiwakajimatoshi, mentioning boys and girls is a very rude way of adressing individuals, some people do not go by those terms and that is rude to guess. Be more inclusive...
97 days ago
Hey (insert gender neutral term for fujos/fudas) I sometimes might question your gender identity if you are a mlm fan/viewer. And next, @imliterallygay, firstly they may be trans/enby and are just forced to be a girl or are closeted trans/enby people. Thank you.
Sincerest Jarold
118 days ago
hey fun fact! all you fujoshis are filth 😊 you shouldn't be proud of fetishizing mlm and I hope you realize you're all 😘 weird!
125 days ago
I like read a boys story
129 days ago
Uhhh my mom gonna hit me i was fujoshi;)
139 days ago
Can I just say something? Please hear me out but don't shame me as I have figured that this was supposed to be escapist fiction.
142 days ago
HAHAHAH YESSSS 100% I KNEW ITTTT, but fr tho todoroki is mine -.-
149 days ago
Yesss,,,,I'm spoiled...! I'm 100% 'Fujoshi' and I love it....
150 days ago
uhmmm so i like yaoi/BL but only in anime or manga or more so only in actual yaoi manga like if its not said genre then i dont but dang i cant ship bois irl like it seems weird
150 days ago
I am %100 fujoshiii
154 days ago
So I was reading through the comments and I'm like appalled. Why are some people here to hate;/ like thinking people compliment each other because of their personalities or looks and genuinely fantasizing about it in the space of your own mind is..bad? IDK please help me out here... some people are like "I ship yuri but not gay men that's gross" what does that even mean? I don't even have a comeback I am confusion... or "I ship people who look good together but not people in real life" what does that even mean? do real humans not look good together?? wahh? or "shipping people you know is mental" what does that even meeeaaannnnn? How is this hurting you? They make it seem like it's taking a serious toll on their life. Boys and girls let me clarify it for you if you are having trouble minding your business. This has nothing to do with you. It literally harms no one shipping anime characters who are two males. Like, no one. HOWEVER, if it's real people it can be a problem and I will definitely say this. I understand the feeling of wanting to see two people you each other. But some people take it too far and THAT is what is 'gross' as the children would say hehe. But can I ask something? What fandom doesn't have at least one person that "takes it too far" or is "obsessed"? Please answer below: