Are You A True Fujoshi/Fudanshi? Quiz - Test yourself

Are you a true Fujoshi/Fudanshi? Do you think you were born to ship Yaoi? Are you more spoiled than the average prince or princess? Here's a test you can take to find out! There are 20 questions in all. Answer truthfully and find out if you have earned the right to call yourself a true Fujoshi or Fudanshi!

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    What does BL stand for?
    What does BL stand for?

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90 days ago
100% i know that i was a fujoshi i live for reading yoai and watching it .... althought people have this as a bad thing i dont have it as .. honestly i was weird at first but its like the best thing i know .. although itrs 13+ and 18+ idc i start reading this from am 14 and a half and now am 19 working my own money and buying alot i waste me money on this bc its so dreamy the guys .. i think i have a crush on other peoples man now ecpesially rea lidfe experents
206 days ago
even though i read shoujo or some shounen i still ship crazy... i watched naruto with the mentally that they must kiss again😂. Ha🤤 yah ne i ship a lot wen im quite. Yaoi hits differently and i read a lot and still i need more😄
216 days ago
I love all things Yaoi, so being a fujoshi is really cool. I’ve known for a while that I am one, but just wanted to take this to make sure. I really don’t like it when people say that people that like yaoi are disgusting and you shouldn’t be friends with them, but they like what they like. And if yaoi makes them happy, so be it. Just making it clear to those in the comments that are criticizing them. 😊
226 days ago
I don’t know why I’m considered a “fetishizer” I read all type of romance,yuri,BL,straight. Plus I don’t ship every pair of males I see together. This is ridiculous.
239 days ago
I read,look,listen to yaoi it's the best tbh
282 days ago
THANK GOD i didnt get fujodanshi, fetishizing gay men is gross xoxo stop trying to justify it by saying "its fiction"
294 days ago
Being fujoshi for a long time is great asf i can escape from the reality for some reason, i have more confidence than before there's nothing for me to be jealous about i love how both🕊express their love to each other, it teaches me that gender has nothing to do with love whether ur a girl or boy whether u fell in love on same🕊BL GL doesn't matter making love on same🕊when it hits u give ur all. BL is an emotional or sexual relationship towards same🕊there's nothing wrong in shipping or reading abt this things if people judge u for being fujoshi/fudanshi u already know what to explain whether they understand or not.
327 days ago
i mean i watched almost every yaoi i know, I live on bl webtoons, and eat manga
my results were that I'm a big fujoshi
well they're not wrong
341 days ago
Why take this test if all you’re going to do is cause hate? Stfu. Nobody is fetishizing gay men unless they’re doing it to REAL men. Y’all are so silent when it comes to Men fetishizing wlw which reeks of nothing but misogyny.
352 days ago
Are You A True Fujoshi/Fudanshi? Quiz - Test yourself

So are you a true Fujoshi/Fudanshi? Oh yes, you are!

You're pretty much 100% Fujoshi/Fudanshi! So spoiled!
358 days ago
I'm a fundanshi :) Yaoi boys are cute though and it's interesting to think how they would go out/make out with each other. My mom got me into yaoi loool
383 days ago
thank god im not a 💋 fujoshi/fudanshi, i would have ended it all 😐
385 days ago
I love reading yaoi manga, webtoon,s, and love watch yaoi anime/k-drama. And I love shipping anime characters that I think really should end up together it's nothing really bad and I do understand other people that think differently because some people do take it too far. But furthermore, I love that I'm fujoshi.
394 days ago
glad i’m not a gross fudanshi‼️ #boyboss
399 days ago
Yep, that verifies it, I'm one of 'em.
401 days ago
ohhh myyyyy goooddddddd
406 days ago
This made me sure that I’m going hell….even though not even a single knows about it except for my best friendo
407 days ago
It's very good to see that I ship in many anime you k'now😏😌
458 days ago
Umm, anyone know a neutral term for fujoshi/fudanshi, a friend of mine is gender neutral and next, I thinks all you fujoshis might be questioning your gender. It's not feminism if "fujoshis" read yaoi, it is just rejecting gender.
462 days ago
I'm probably the type of Fujodanshi that only ships if it's reasonable and stuff and yk that type who doesn't ship everybody. I also find it weird from our community to ship two real straight people, overall i don't really think its good for someone to know i like BL because of the stereotype we receive, we're not all fetishizers, just somebody who happens to find, any remance genre wholesome, after all most of us are probably hopeless romantics.