What Tokyo Ghoul Character are You?

For Otakus who like your anime dark, here's a Tokyo Ghoul quiz! This test will reveal which character you are from this awesome fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sui Ishida.

See who you are right now! Spoiler alert: It might not be who you think!

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    Out of these, which color do you like best?
    Out of these, which color do you like best?

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1058 days ago
50% Kaneki (:D)
30% Touka (:DD)
10% Juzou (whyyyy)
10% Hinami :)
1074 days ago
40% Kaneki (is it because i go physco when i get hurt and i always blame it myself)
20% Touka( Idk why either i guess im uhh idk)
20% Rize ( Rize Eats alot of people and i eat alot of food)
20% Juzou( I dont know why either)
1083 days ago
80% Kaneki 10% Hinami 10% Touka
1088 days ago
40 % touka 20% Hinami 10%Kanaki
1093 days ago
30% Kaneki 30% Juzou 10% Rize 10% Touka 10% Hinami yyyeeeeee
1109 days ago
kaneki huh, i can see why, i get to angry sometimes and sometimes im nice, i can see it
1124 days ago
juuzou aint a ghoul, the animator admitted that
1136 days ago
Well I got
50% Kaneki ( I am a bit shy I guess )
20% Juuzo ( I don’t know what to say .-, )
20% Touka ( I can see why )
10% Hinami ( I guess I’m also bubbly )
0% Rize ( I know why and I’m glad )
1144 days ago
I got 30% kaneki and 30% Juuzou
1192 days ago
30% Kaneki (Is it because sometimes i lose control and go kinda pshyco?)
20% Juuzou (I didn't think i was going to get him)
20℅ Touka (Didn't thnk i would get her)
20℅ Rize (Say what...)
10℅ Hinami (that alright)
1209 days ago
1227 days ago
Kenekiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yaaaaaaaaaaaaay
1274 days ago
1437 days ago
40% Rise 20% kaneki and hinami