What Pokemon trainer type are you?

From In-training, Cute Girl, Strong, Type-Oriented and Unique, which type of Pokemon trainer are you?

Question 1:Choose your first Pokemon.
Mr. Mime, something strange or unusual.
Clefairy or something else cute and fluffy.
Something that's my favorite type.
Anything, as long as its loyal.
Dratini or something that evolves into a powerful form.

Question 2:Define a good trainer.
Someone with the guts to rise to the top.
Someone who cares for their Pokemon.
A person who sticks to one type.
A person who'll care for a Pokemon, no matter what it looks like.
someone who can raise a good looking and strong Pokemon.

Question 3:Which would you want?

Question 4:Pokeball is to Pokemon as Pokemon is to...
This is strange...
What was the question?

Question 5:Choose your favorite color.
Favorite color? I'm too busy for that.
Puke Green? Cantelope? Vermillion? Arg, too many!
Anything that's associated w/ my fav. type.

Question 6:Which element suits you?
Dragon, it equals power.
Psychic, dark or steel.
Normal, it equals
No element fits, I'm me.
Something else.

Question 7:You see a Sentret, you...
Don't catch it, I'm looking for another Pokemon.
K.O. it, its in my way.
Catch it, its so cute!
Make friends with it, I'm nice.
Catch it, its strange.

Question 8:Elite Four's Lance (Wataru) challenges you to a fight, you...
Only agree if I like dragon-type Pokemon. Don't expect me to like all 250/350.
Agree and give it your all.
Don't agree, I'm looking for stranger Pokemon!
Stare at him, he's cute!
Agree and crush him, he's nothing but a wanna-be.

Question 9:A beginning trainer asks for advice, you...
Ignore him, let him/her learn on his/her own.
Can only give beauty tips.
Give him/her all the information he/she asks, though it may not be correct.
Can only advise about the type(s) you've had experience w/.
Give little known facts about little known Pokemon.

Question 10:What's your dream if you were in the Pokemon world?
To catch the one Pokemon I've always wanted.
To gather every single Pokemon of my favourite type(s).
To crush every wanna-be punk or become part of the Elite Four.
I am in the Pokemon world! I'm gonna be a Pokemon master!
To a Pokemon stylist or tain under a female gym leader.

Question 11:Complete the phrase, Pokemon___

Question 12:Describe yourself.
Two words: The Best

Question 13:If you were any Pokemon, you would be...

Question 14:You're lost in Viridian Forest, you...
Look for a way out.
Got lost on purpose to find rare Pokemon.
Aren't even in Viridian Forest, too many bugs/humidity.
Panic, get even more lost, but eventually find a way out and make new friends.
Have a map and find your way easily.

Question 15:True or False, Dragon Pokemon are the best.
Neither, its a matter of preference.
False, all Pokemon are great.
False, they are ugly.
True, power is everything.
False, they are over rated.

This Quiz has been designed by Dark Fox.