Which Pokemon Are You?
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Which Pokemon Are You?

Wanna find out what Pokemon you are? Take this quiz, great if you're a Pokefan ;-)

Question 1:   If you were hungry, you would eat...
any kind of food, it's very rude to be picky.
umm... cream puffs, or maybe ice cream?
Do I care? It's only food... sheesh...
a well-balanced meal, fulfilling all nutritional requirements

Question 2:   If your mom suddenly said, "Let's all go on a fun camping trip!", you would say...
Leave me alone, mom! I have my own stuff that I want to do!
Really? I guess that would be neat, maybe... well, as long as it's fun!
Camp! What's a camp? Oh this is going to be FUN! Yay!
Do you not know that it's impolite to spring stuff on people like this?
Let's check the statistics... there is a 30% chance of rain, and...

Question 3:   You are challenged by another Pokemon to battle. You...
check levels, types, and attacks first to see what the outcome might be.
accept accept accept wee this will be fun yay!
glare at them until they get the point and leave you alone.
accept, because it's very rude to decline a friendly challenge.
wonder for a while whether it will be the right thing to do, then go ask someone else.

Question 4:   You can't get on the Internet to chat, you...
Sheesh, I should give my phone company a piece of my mind! This is so uncourteous!
Well, uh... I dunno what to do... I'll go play a computer game in the meantime!
Awww, I wanted to chat! Well, I'll play next door instead! Wee
This is the pits... I hate my life... why can't the Internet just WORK?
Let me check the phone lines, and the network connections... what is causing the problem?

Question 5:   You are given the opportunity to evolve. You say...
Am I even supposed to evolve? Geez...
Hmm... I'm not sure...
Let me check the stat raise percentage, type changes...
At least you nicely gave me a choice!
Evolve! Wow! Cool!

Question 6:   You are stuffed into your Pokemon box for a week while your trainer goes to Hawaii. Your reaction...
This is so stupid! I hate you, stupid trainer! I hate this box! I hate--
Wow! This box is so fun! This is fun! I want to go to Hawaii too!
Well, I hope my trainer's having fun!
Let me busy myself with something productive while my trainer is away.
This is so RUDE! I deserve better!

Question 7:   If you ate a Pokeblock, you would want it to raise...
Er.. Cuteness

Question 8:   Pokeschool is coming to town
Wonderful! A great chance to increase my knowledge!
Hmm... it might be interesting!
Well, they should have TOLD me beforehand, but it's okay, I guess...
Pokeschool! Wow! I'm sure it'll be really great! Cool!
NOOOO! Leave me alone!

Question 9:   Your motto is...
Fun fun fun!
Enjoy life while you can!
Shut up and get out of my face.
Logic is a virtue.
Good manners are the key to happiness.

Question 10:   The next time you see another Pikachu advertising Pokemon, you'll...
try to play a fun game with him!
Say hello and chat
tell him it's rude to hog the spotlight.
kill him for being so stupidly popular.
Ask him what the statistics are for Pikachu popularity.

This Quiz has been designed by Gabbie.