Which Pokémon Are You?

With the introduction of Generation V and its 156 Pokémon, there are now a whopping 649 total Pokémon thriving in the hearts of fans old and new! Which of these Pocket Monsters are you? We have compiled a few fan favorites and raise the question: Are you a Hydreigon, Raichu, Zoroark, Ninjast, or Snorlax?
There's only one way to find out - take this quiz! Have fun!

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    A new person about your age moves to town. How do you greet him or her?

Comments (399)


76 days ago
I'm a richu my yeeeeee
114 days ago
Got a Ninjask fits me perfectly lol
203 days ago
I'm a Raichu which is weird since I got a shiny Raichu the other day in Pokémon Legends Arceus
299 days ago
this is just flat out funny
319 days ago
I am either a Raichu, or a Snorlax.
325 days ago
Snorlax! I eat everything :0
363 days ago
i got riachu and i dont know how to feel :/
377 days ago
Hmph! I got Raichu! I wanna be a grass fairy or ghost type!
428 days ago
Chancy operation episode on indigo league misty is so cute!!
433 days ago
YEET! I got. Raichu and my little sis loves it because she is a fan of Pikachu
692 days ago
How come all the cool pokemon (No offense to the opinions of others) require all the violent answers? Are they trying to say that violence is cool?
741 days ago
I wanted a Eevee Evolution! Not Raichu!
753 days ago
they say i got hydreigon, thats your truth, not mine, but you do u
762 days ago
I got Zoroark,smh i actually liked Zora in black and white so this is a win win for me
770 days ago
I got raichu
831 days ago
tried again still heidreigon ;-; tf
832 days ago
I got raichu the evolved for of one of my favorite pokemon pickachu
873 days ago
Any new quiz gamd you know
874 days ago
So cool i am hydregion a
874 days ago
I am snorlax amd ninjash