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Sailor Moon is just one more reason it's great to be a girl! Shoujos rule! Umm...sorry, guys. We know you adore her, too. :-) What's not to love about this magical girl who fights evil under the moon's rays, and wins love all her days?
Nope, it's just not possible to overstate the Sailor Moon effect. The thrills and romance of Naoko Takeuchi's timeless characters and stories inspired 18 original volumes over five seasons...multiple awesome live-action the resplendent reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal! We want more - and more and MORE!
Thank goodness (and Toonami/Cartoon Network) that this magical manga made it to the mainstream where we could discover it for ourselves! And thank you, test-takers, for dropping by and taking a few Sailor Moon quizzes today. Want to know which Sailor Guardian, Sailor Soldier or Sailor Senshi you're most like? Find out here! And feel free to add your own quiz if you're feeling inspired!

Who, how, and what are you? Test your personality here!

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Which Sailor Guardian are you?

Which Sailor Guardian are you?

Which Sailor Moon character are you?

Which Sailor Moon character are you?


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1860 days ago
You are Sailor Moon! You may be a bit ditzy, but when your friends need you, you pull through with amazing strength. You will stop at nothing to save your friends.