Which Sailor Scout Are You?
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Which Sailor Scout Are You?

Are you ditzy like Usagi, smart like Ami, or a take charge type like Rei? Why don't we find out?

Question 1:You're ideal date location is
Anywhere! As long as the guy is cute!
A Library or Coffeshop. Anywhere where there's a good book to read.
No where. You don't trust guys. -8(
An Arcade. Let's see if he can beat you at the Sailor V Game.
A Volleyball game. Bet on which team will win.

Question 2:You have a ton of homework to do, so you ...
Use your ESP to find all the answers quickly.
Do it right away.
Throw it aside and watch Oprah.
Do it ... after a quick visit to the arcade.
Finish it with the help of your cute tutor.

Question 3:Your friends want to go bungee jumping, but you don't. You react by
Leaving and going home to study
Whine and make a scene so they'll be too embarrassed to go with you
Bungee jumping? I'd love to!
Put your foot down, and say you don't want to.
Challenge them to an arm wrestle, and if they won, you go.

Question 4:Your choice pet is a
White talking cat who likes to make sarcastic comments
Two scary black crows
Something quiet like a goldfish
Maybe a dog that you can go jogging with
A black talking cat that give you presents like transformation pens

Question 5:You usually wear your hair in
Two meatballs!
In a ponytail
Short or in a bob
Half Up, Half Down

Question 6:Your signature color is...
Yellow, Blue, Red, White!

Question 7:The thing you care about the most is...
Your grades
Your Home
Your comic books
Your Plants
Having Fun!

Question 8:For a vacation spot, you usually choose
The Beach ... you need to work on your tan anyway
An amusement park
Anywhere with cute guys
Somewhere quiet and not crowded like a nature reserve
Maybe a national monument where you can lean something

Question 9:When you see a really cute guy you
Make him chase you
Don't approach him at all
Go right up to him and start a conversation
Wink ^_~
Start hooting at him and growling

Question 10:The TV show you never miss is...
The News
Any Sports Game

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