Which Scooby Doo character are you?
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Which Scooby Doo character are you?

Life is like Scooby Doo; there is always a bit of food, fun and mystery (even if the mystery is what is in your food). Which of the main characters is closest to your kindred spirit? Find out!

Question 1:Your clothing style is...
Whatever is comfortable
Classic style that has been around for a while
Definitely my own style
Very much the latest style

Question 2:When it comes to eating you eat
Anything eatable, I’m always hungry
Fat free or diet foods please
Only gourmet
I’m normal about food; I eat at meal times and eat what I’m served

Question 3:If you could only have one photograph of the following on your desk it would be…
Significant Other
A family member
A Friend
I'm not really into photos, what about some food?

Question 4:You’re most likely to read...
Cereal boxes
I’m not really into reading

Question 5:When it comes to love you
Have a new interest every other week
Stick by your man/woman
Not really interested
Interested but never involved

Question 6:Your friend suggests some options for what you two can do tonight. You would pick…
Sci-fi movie
Trip to the mall

Question 7:Which of the following best sums up how you feel about mysteries
They’re okay, so long as they are not dangerous
They’re so much fun to solve
They’re best with friends

Question 8:When it comes to friends…
You have one very close friend
Lots of friends, not always close, but lots of friends
Small close knit group

Question 9:The best part of the outdoors of the following list is…
Great place to exercise
The beauty of the whole scene
Flowers or butterflies
Bugs and other things to study

Question 10:Which of the character would be your best friend?
Scooby Doo

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