Which Simpsons character are you?

Are you a brat like Bart, or a brainiac like Lisa? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:You go to the Quick E Mart. What do you buy?
Buy? I get the four finger discount!
The current issues of Teen Dream, Teen Scream, and Teen Steam magazines.
Wrestling magazines and Duff beer.
Blue hair dye and milk.

Question 2:If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Gus, the lovable chimney sweep.
Max Powers.
Chesty Larue, Busty Sinclair, or Hooty McBoob.
I wouldn't change my name.

Question 3:Who is your sworn enemy?
The girl who's smarter than you.
Your boss.
The kid who takes your lunch money.
The baby with one eyebrow.

Question 4:Where do you spend your free time?

Question 5:What do you do when somebody does you wrong?
Raise your eyebrows and grumble disapprovingly.
Devise a highly intelligent plan that will humiliate them physically and mentally.
Plot revenge.
Yell, Why you little.... and chase them down and strangle them.

Question 6:What is your claim to fame?
Painted a shocking picture that went to a museum.
Chained yourself to a tree....-No, No, we won't go!
You fell down a well...-Sting even helped dig you out!
Managed a rising country singer.

Question 7:What is your ideal date?
Dating? Eeeeew!!!!
All you can eat buffet.
Ballet. (Not the bear in the little car!)
Getting into trouble with bad boys.

Question 8:Look in the mirror. Which description best resembles you?
Short, spiky hair, bad attitude.
Orange dress, hair similar to a starfish.
Fat, bald, and dim-witted.
10 feet tall, blue hair, and pearls.

Question 9:If you could have any mode of transportation, what would it be?
Station wagon
Soap-box racer

Question 10:Who's your best friend?
Nerdy guy with glasses that complains a lot.
Big guy that burps a lot.
Your kids.

This Quiz has been designed by Jimilee.