What Do Your Ships Say About You?

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This is just for South Park fans, as I don't know any other pairings.

  • 1
    Pick your favourite.
  • 2
    Pick another.
  • 3
    And another.

  • 4
    And yet another.
  • 5
    You know what to do now ...
  • 6
    You're not reading this bit now, so I can say whatever what I want.

  • 7
    I don't ship anyone, personally.
  • 8
    I do like reading slashfics, however.
  • 9
    And I think that Kyman, Leila, and McDanbrady are hilarious.
  • 10
    And finally, when you think of the pairings you like, what generally springs to mind?

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1383 days ago
Wait where is Kenny x butters. But I still git creek and style somI'm happy
1395 days ago
wheres Kyle x Craig?
1652 days ago
I really only deliberately clicked Creek and style
1781 days ago
This isn’t me boi I just chose random things because all of these were ships that nobody probably shipped
1926 days ago
where was ReBe
2030 days ago
wheres Kenny x Butters
2107 days ago
Uhm excuse me where is tyde????
2215 days ago
I had to choose between Dip and Creek... ;-;

Such a hard decision...
2340 days ago
There was no Stenny -_-