What Spongebob Character are you?
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What Spongebob Character are you?

This is a quiz to see what Spongebob character you are. Are you the crazy, hyper Spongebob? Are you the money lover, selfish Mr. Krabs? Are you stupid, but funny Patrick? Are you the land lover, animal lover Sandy? Or, are you the smart, practical Gary? Find out by taking this quiz.

Question 1:What would you do if you saw a dollar laying on the ground?
Pick it up, kiss it, and put it in your bank as fast as you can.
Say, "A dollar" and then walk past it.
Find out how many things you could do with a dollar.
Walk over it.
Try to find the person who had it last.

Question 2:What kind of pet would you get?
A pet that would play with me.
A pet that will play tag, watch movies with me and have sleepovers.
A pet that could hunt down money.
I don't need a pet, I am enough of a pet already.
I would want the whole ZOO!

Question 3:What's your dream job?
Uhh....Something with food?
To work with nature.
To be loyal to my master...it depends on who is my master...
Hamburger flipper at the Krusty Krabs!!!!
Something that will give me lots of money.

Question 4:There's a piece of paper on the floor...
"Hmm...is this a check?"
Can you imagine the wonderous possibilities?!?!
Oh look some nasty person littered, so you take paper and throw it in a rubbish bin
...Just a piece of paper *ignore*
"Huh? Oohh...paper!"

Question 5:How strong are you?
I don't get out much...I don't really know.
I don't know; I'm too busy counting money.
Uhh......can I have a doughnut?
I can lift a heavy weight!....with two stuffed animals on the end...
I can lift a car, a house, a tree, an anchor, a.......

Question 6:What's the most important thing in the world to you?
My Friends
Having fun everyday
My business
Goodness in the world

Question 7:A girlscout come to your door to sell you cookies. What do you say?
"I love cookies!"
Wouldn't answer the door.
"Huh? Oohh...cookies!"
"Sure I'll buy some cookies!"
"Beat it kid...

Question 8:Who's your favorite character?
Mr. Krabs

Question 9:What do you do in your sparetime?
Annoy people
Play with animals
I dunno, anything
count money.

Question 10:What do you want?
Every one in the world to be happy
1,000,000 dollars
I dunno, anything
Funky purple combat boots

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