Which Spongebob character do you relate to?
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Which Spongebob character do you relate to?

Take this quiz to find out if your a Spongebob, a Patrick, Mr.Krabs, or Squidward. See who relates to you!

Question 1:   You come home stressed after a rough day at work so you....
Sit down and start watching television
go to your friend and tell him/her about your day
Sit on a comfy chair and count your money
Make yourself a nice warm bubble bath and relax in it

Question 2:   You are walking by when you suddenly see a 100 dollar bill on the ground do you....
Pick it up and try to find the person who lost it
Walk pass the 100 dollar bill without paying any attention to it
Joyfully kiss the 100 dollar bill and run to the bank to put in your account
Pick it up and think of all the ways you can spend it

Question 3:   If you could have anything in the world what would it be?
What more could I want? I'm happy with what I have.
Eternal money!
A lifetime supply of icecream and doughnuts
I would have fame so I can have other things I want as well

Question 4:   If a guy/girl with a mole on their face, a pegged leg, one eyebrow, yellow teeth, and a terrible body odor bigger than you can imagine, just asked you out on a date would you....
Say yes because you don't want to hurt their feelings, yet hoping that the person doesn't ask for a second date
Disgustingly look at the person, then say no
Happily say yes
Make up an excuse not to go because you think this person isn't worth spending your time and money on

Question 5:   Do you consider yourself artistic?
I couldn't be artistic even if my life depended on it
I consider myself a fantastic artist but people seem to think otherwise...
I don't know because I never tried anything artistic
I think I'm great but there's always room for improvement

Question 6:   There was a guy at the store who was ten times your size, and didn't have enough money to buy his things so he orders you to give him your money, do you...
Not give him your cash because you rather get beat up then see your money being taken away
Don't clearly understand the situation and don't know what to do
Pretend you left your money in the car and when you go to get it, you drive off before anything bad happens
Give him the money because it's better than a visit to the hospital

Question 7:   It's Friday and you have an 1000 word essay due Monday, so you....
Don't do it at all because I feel asleep during class and don't know what to write about
Get too distracted with other things and end up finishing it at the last minute
Finish it the first day, I might as well get it over with
Go to the teacher Monday morning and try to tell a good excuse of why you didn't do the essay

Question 8:   2+2=?
The answer is 4
That’s an easy one, it's 4
It's 4, duh!

Question 9:   You and your best friend are going to the carnival but your friend can't come because she has the flu and has to miss out on all the fun. Do you....
Not go to the carnival because you're making a get well card and some soup to spend the rest of the day at your friends house
Go to her house to see how she's feeling, while realizing that you don't have any money for the carnival, so you take her money while she isn't looking.
Convince her to come anyway
Just go without her and have a great time yourself

Question 10:   What pet are you most likely to have?
A pet that I could play games with, and other fun stuff
I always wanted a pet rock!
A pet that can fetch me some cash!
Something that doesn't need too much attention

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