Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

Which PpG resembles your personality the closest?? Find out!

Question 1:While at the beach you...
Swin! (duh)
Work on your tan

Question 2:At school, you...
Pay attention and take notes
Daydream and draw pictures of bunnies
Bully other kids

Question 3:In a crisis you...
Try to find a solution
Beat up whoever's responsible for this

Question 4:Your ideal afternoon is spent
Exercising your muscles by using your punching bag
Catching up on your conversational Chinese
Coloring or saving the whales

Question 5:If you had super powers it would be
Ice Breath
Speaking Spanish (very good too)
Super Sonic Strength

Question 6:The most precious thing you own is
Your Blankie
Your stuffed animals
Your computer

Question 7:One word that describes you best is
Hard-Core (Is that one word, or two?)

Question 8:The shoes usually on your feet are...
Combat Boots
Mary Janes
Who cares?

Question 9:Your signature color is

Question 10:In 20 years you see yourself as
The President of the United States
A Professional Wrestler
An Ambassador for Greenpeace

This Quiz has been designed by Sakura .