Find out which Powerpuff Girl you are
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Find out which Powerpuff Girl you are

Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, they're all very different, and that's how they have battled their way into our hearts. Of course you have a favorite Powerpuff, and now you can see if you are that Powerpuff by taking this quiz!

Question 1:It's a Saturday night, the Mayor hasn't called, and you're taking it easy. What would you do in your spare time?
practice moves on your personal punching bag
play with your Pretty Ponies doll set
read a long book like the Khemisty Kids: A beginner's guide to chemistry and chemicals

Question 2:Your outfits are always the color:

Question 3:What do you hate the most?
a thief who gets away
when people fight
uneducated people running things

Question 4:You would help out the group by:
making the plans
using my scream attack
punching the first bad guy you see

Question 5:What is your favorite power?
ice breath
extreme strength
speaking squirrel

Question 6:What part do you say when you see MoJo JoJo?

Question 7:What is your favorite activity to do?
read a book, formulate a plan, or figure out a new move
practice my fighting skills
draw a pretty picture

Question 8:Are you sensitive?
Sometimes, I try to set a good example for my sisters
Yes, I cry a lot!
Heck no!!!! I never cry!

Question 9:What subject are you best at at school?
gym and recess
art class of course
I am good at every subject, and I like them all the same

Question 10:People always refer to you as:
a cry baby and a wimp(you don't like to beat up people for no reason)
perfect and a goodie-to-shoes(people are just jealous of your intelligence and goodness)
tough cookie and a fighter(you use anything as an excuse for a fight)

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