Which Winx Club Girl Am I? The Character Test

Into Winx Club? Think you're like one of the girls but aren't sure who? I have the perfect test for you! Find out if you are Bloom, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Stella, Layla, Icy, Darcy, Stormy, Diaspro or Daphne! Take my Winx Club quiz right now! Have fun.:)

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    Which of these is your favorite color group?

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2140 days ago
I got bloom or dahne but they are both mine mine!!! No one else will have them they are awesome just like me but none of you are worth them only I am ME!!!!!! You guys are losers so bye 😘s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2140 days ago
Hooray I got bloom or daphne again I love them both and they are so sweet and powerful I always gets bloom for every winx quiz I am so lucky and happy I get the two sisters by the way this message at the bottom # winx club is so awesome that was my message two so bye !!!! I LOVE THE WINX WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
2146 days ago
I got bloom or daphne I am so happy to have both of them but mostly bloom I love her she is so powerful I am so happy!
2153 days ago
2173 days ago
hey i got flora she so sweet and i love her
2193 days ago
For 50 % I am: I'm Tecna, Icy, Darcy or Stormy! I like to be alone sometimes. I can get angry very easily though
2207 days ago
Hey guys I got flora and I love her ,I'm so lucky to get her.
2213 days ago
My character is Stella or Diaspro the only way I dress like that is to stand out ya know
2251 days ago
Hi I got bloom or daphne but bloom is better
2310 days ago
J'ai eu stella ou diaspro.
2337 days ago
I love bloom she is so beautyful,friendly and powerftl
2339 days ago
I got Musa. She is the best.
2343 days ago
I got Bloom or Dapheni. I love both of the sisters
2352 days ago
I got flora I love her she is so sweet and preety
2384 days ago
I got Bloom and my friends say that I'm a good friend and I help my friends when they need it
2388 days ago
i got bloom i love her so much she is so powerful like me
2411 days ago
I got Bloom I love Bloom she's the best fairy
2420 days ago
I wish i got musa,it's my first time to do a quiz here.
2531 days ago
i just got musa or layla i wanted to just get musa
2650 days ago
more amazing question