Yugioh Personality Quiz
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Yugioh Personality Quiz

Hey there! Kaiba-no-Oracle here ^.^ Ever wondered which Yugioh character you're most like? I know SOME of us have--well for those of us who have (and those who are working on it) here's a quiz for you! Which Yugioh boy are you most like? ;)

Question 1:How would you describe yourself?
Tall dark and handsome
Sweet as honey
Headstrong and stubborn
The best there is

Question 2:How do you duel?
Trusting your friends and abilities all the way
Muscle over Magic
100% Strategy and skill
Perfectly. I do not lose

Question 3:What's your favorite color?

Question 4:Which Duel Monster card do you affiliate with the most?
Something strong, like the Chaos Magician or Dark/Black Magician
The strongest I can be--Blue Eyes White Dragon all the way!
Something good to fight with--Can we say Flame Swordsman?
Something that can be used with a magic card for strategy--the tiny Kuriboh!

Question 5:You're in a Duel using Yuugi's deck. Your enemy is using a Launcher Spider (ATK 2200/ DEF 2500) in attack mode and has two monsters face down in reverse defense. You have only a Kuriboh out along with a Celtic Guardian. You use the card...
Fissure--gets rid of the thing, doesn't it?
Dark Hole--What if he's going to sac. the other two for something even more powerful? Like Tri Horn Dragon?
Sacrifice for your Dark/Black Magician of course!
Monster Reborn the sucker's Barrel Dragon (ATK 2600/ DEF 2200) so you can use its effect to get rid of the other monsters (Effect: Toss a coin 3 times. If 2 out of 3 results are Heads, destroy one monster on your opponent's side of the field. This card's effect can only be used during your turn, once per tern.)

Question 6:Yami Bakura has taken Anzu/Tea's soul and trapped it along with Honda/Tristan, Yuugi, Jounouchi/Joey and Ryou/Bakura's souls in the shadow realm! How are you going to save them?
Why would you do something foolish like that? --;
Fight eim! If he duels like Ryou he'll be easy enough to overpower!
Believe that you can come through for your friends
Use all of your dueling skills to save them. They are your friends, after all.

Question 7:Which Sen'en/Millennium item would be most useful in a duel to you?
I don't need one; my deck is powerful enough as it is.
The Sen'en/Millennium Puzzle! Yami/Yugioh should be able to guide me if I need any help
I don't have one--only Yuugi, Bakura, Isis, Pegasus, Malik, and Shadi have them!
Regardless of the Magic in my Sen'en/Millennium Puzzle, I can win on my own.

Question 8:You've gotten into a bad situation. How will you get out of it?
Fight through 'em like a mad dog
Try talking things out
Smack 'em with your briefcase and walk off calmly. Stupid muggers
Challenge them to a shadow game and punish them.

Question 9:You pride yourself on--
Your reputation, Dueling skills, and genius
Your wonderful friends
Yourself. That's all you need.
Being your oh-so-special self! ^^

Question 10:You find out that someone close to you/close to someone you know has been kidnapped! You--
Get them back as quickly as possible, of course.
If it isn't related to me by blood then I'm not interested.
Help your friends get them back
Hope they'll be fine until you can bring them back safely

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