Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster are you?
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Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster are you?

Ever wonder which Yu-Gi-Oh! monster you might be? No!!!??? Well you can find out in this quiz! Are you the powerful D. Mage or the tiny Kuriboh? Find out!

Question 1:Which attack sounds most appealing?
Dark Magic Attack
Nothing...... I'm to weak to attack! :(
Anything with a weapon.
Molten Fireball Blast

Question 2:How do you face your enemies?
With my magical powers, of course.
Slice 'em and 'dice em.
Blasting them into oblivion!
Ha! I'm a bad @ss, I use my hands!!!

Question 3:Who's your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character?
Yugi / Yami Yugi
Joey Wheeler
Rex Raptor

Question 4:What's your weapon of choice?
A sceptor
A sword
My bare hands!
Fire....fire I say!

Question 5:What's your battle cry?
Who needs a battle cry with my piercing gaze?
Some sort of grunting noise?
rar ....... *meep*

Question 6:Pick one!
Booya-ness (cool-ness)
Fur (awww)

Question 7:If you were any animal, which would you be?

Question 8:What’s your favorite novel?
The Egyptian
The Odysseys
Pyrotechnics for the Beginner
Dragons : A History

Question 9:Who are you for Halloween?
A fictional character.
A goth type person/thing
A caveman
Me, bwahahahaha!

Question 10:I really don't have any more questions so..... hmm.. I got it! Pick one of my vocab words!

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